Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 98

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 98

Cindy didn’t think much about it as she thought Arielle was trying to sow discord among them. Gently, she urged, “It’s alright, Shannie. Tell the truth. Was it Arielle who got you into trouble?”

Shandie hung her head low silently.

She wanted to pin the blame onto Arielle with her mom, but her lies could be debunked easily. Hence, she dared not utter a word.

Cindy thought Shandie was afraid of Henrick, so she turned to Henrick and said, “Dear, I know you’re protective of Arielle. However, this has nothing to do with Shannie. Earlier, Shannie came home and told me that Arielle brought Mr. Nightshire to the set to take away the lead role from her. I believe Arielle must’ve said something for him to call off the deal.”

She then turned to Arielle and declared frostily, “Arielle, I can’t believe you’re so evil! Never mind if you hate your sister and took the lead role from her. Why are you doing this to our company? What evil plans are you hatching?”

Henrick felt his head throbbing. Still, the slightest trace of sanity that remained told him the usually obedient Arielle wouldn’t do something this horrible.

Holding back his fury, he demanded, “Is this related to you?”

Arielle shot Cindy a taunting glance before replying, “Dad, I have no idea Aunt Cindy hates me that much to suspect that I’m involved in this. I didn’t want to reveal the truth, but since she tried to pin the blame on me, I have no choice but to reveal everything.”

Her demeanor was cool.

Hearing her words, Cindy began to panic.

Arielle raised her chin and revealed, “It all started with Mr. Nightshire’s name card. I’m the ambassador of Soir Coffee, so he gave me his name card. I wanted to give it to you, Dad, but it disappeared after I went out.”

“What?” Henrick hissed. “That name card is extremely important. Why didn’t you keep it well?”

Arielle didn’t bother beating around the bush. “Because Shandie took the name card without telling me and even used it to gain her lead role—”

“Shut up!” Shandie shrieked, unable to stand the humiliation.

Henrick glared at her and barked out, “You should shut up! Let her continue!”

Shandie dared not go against him.

Hence, Arielle explained how Shandie used the name card to get the lead role. After Vinson found out the truth, he brought Arielle to the set and revealed everything. In the end, the film crew kicked Shandie out.

At this, Arielle exhaled sharply. “After losing her lead role, Shandie flung Mr. Nightshire’s name card onto the ground in anger. Mr. Nightshire was terribly upset and announced he’d call off all collaborations with our family. On the way back home, I tried to persuade him to change his mind to no avail,” she lamented and gave Shandie an exasperated glare.

Shandie burst out angrily, “Liar! I bet you didn’t even try to persuade Mr. Nightshire to change his mind!”

Arielle shook her head sadly. “Shannie, why are you still blaming me? Don’t you know your mistake? We are all family. Why would I risk Dad’s company just to get back at you?”

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