Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 91

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 91 Stop Annoying Me

Shandie’s back was soaked with sweat by now.

“M-Mr. Nightshire…”

She could yell at Arielle easily, but she dared not yell at Vinson.

Vinson retracted his arm and announced coldly, “I know plenty of people are dying to get my name card, so I’ve never seen someone discarding my name card like trash. Ms. Southall, do you resent me that much?”

Shandie’s gaze narrowed in shock.

She swallowed hastily and found her voice. “N-No. It’s because Arielle was outrageous. It has nothing to do with you. I…”

“Pick up that name card!” Vinson cut in impatiently.

Shandie’s fists balled up at his order.

Did he just ask me to pick it up? This is so humiliating!

Alas, she didn’t have the courage to go against Vinson’s orders.

With an ugly scowl, she went back to pick up the name card and handed it to Arielle reluctantly as the crowd gave her mocking gazes.

She had just stretched out her hand to give Arielle the name card when Vinson seized it.

Confused, she turned toward Vinson. He asserted, “Since the Southalls resent me, I shall take back the name card none of you wanted.”

With that, he tore the name card into pieces.

Shandie froze in fear as sweat trickled down her back.

Tossing the pieces into the trash can, Vinson announced, “I heard your family is trying to strike up a deal with our company. I don’t think it’s going to work. Hence, I shall call off all the collaborations with Southall Group.”

Shandie’s face instantly drained of all color.

She knew how hard Henrick worked to strike up a deal with Nightshire Group. If he found out she caused the deal to go down the drain, he’d kill her for sure.

She started shivering in fear and grabbed Vinson’s sleeve pitifully. “Mr. Nightshire, please don’t call off the deal. It was all my fault. You can punish me, but please don’t involve my dad and his company.”

Vinson wasn’t at all empathic, so he merely felt annoyed by Shandie’s pleading wails.

He shoved her away and responded coolly, “It’s too late. Why didn’t you realize it was wrong to steal my name card? Don’t beg for my forgiveness. This is irritating.”

Shandie cowered back in fear. Arielle’s my only hope now.

“Arielle, I shouldn’t have stolen the name card from you. You can’t watch and do nothing as the deal goes down the drain! You’re part of our family, too!”

Arielle was sneering inwardly. Ha! You wanted me dead back then. Have you forgotten about the venomous snake and vicious dog you let out to kill me? Is this how family treats one another?

Arielle pretended to stretch her hands helplessly. “I’m not close to Mr. Nightshire either. As I’m a country bumpkin, I have no say in this. I think you should go home and talk to Dad so he can figure out a solution.”

Shandie couldn’t believe Arielle turned her down.

She hissed angrily, “If our family becomes bankrupt, you’ll lose everything. Do you want to return to the countryside?”

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