Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 90

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 90 Is It Fun To Impersonate Me

Vinson Nightshire? Why is he here? If he’s here, I can no longer pretend I’m good friends with him!

To her utter shock, another slender figure appeared from Vinson’s back.

The young woman was enchantingly beautiful with her minimal makeup. Her skin was as fair as porcelain.

Though she was just standing there without doing anything, she was a sight for sore eyes. It seemed as though they were only there to complement her presence.

It’s Arielle!

Shandie’s eyes widened in disbelief as the sparkle in her gaze disappeared.

Arielle stared at an obviously frightened Shandie and smirked. “I wouldn’t have realized I’m now a female lead of a film if Mr. Nightshire hadn’t mentioned it. Shannie, I can’t believe you’re impersonating me just to secure the role. Is this fun?”

Shandie clenched her fists and took two steps backward in humiliation.

She found out. Everyone is going to find out about the truth.

Shandie could hear the others whispering beside her.

“What? So Shandie impersonated that pretty young woman to get this role?”

“I knew it! Mr. Nightshire insisted she must be the female lead, but there’s no way he likes someone like her.”

“Wow, this young woman is really pretty…”

“Wait, she resembles the female lead in the comic, right?”

“Oh, you’re right!”

Upon hearing the crowd’s excited chatters, Sam turned toward Arielle.

He froze the moment his gaze landed on Arielle.

She really does resemble the female lead in the comic! If she were at the audition, I would’ve chosen her because of her similar features.

Sam’s gaze flitted across Arielle and Vinson. He tamped down his excitement and went to Vinson. “Mr. Nightshire, what is going on? I couldn’t quite understand this young lady.”

Vinson glowered at a silent Shandie and revealed coolly, “My choice has always been Ms. Arielle Moore. Her nickname is Sannie, which is similar to her nickname.” He gestured at Shandie before continuing, “That was why I got confused. I’m here to correct my mistake.”

Sam was still puzzled when Jerry stepped out and voiced his doubts. “But Ms. Shandie Southall here has your name card.”

Vinson gazed at Arielle, who coughed before asking, “Shandie, when will you return the name card you took from me?”

Shandie blanched, feeling utterly humiliated.

Arielle’s words had stripped off her last shred of dignity.

She could feel everyone shooting her mocking glances. It felt as though a knife was cutting off her flesh slowly.

Shandie couldn’t help but glower at Arielle menacingly. If looks could kill, Arielle would be dead right now.

Arielle met Shandie’s gaze calmly. Tilting her head, she inquired, “Why are you staring at me? Give me back the name card.”

Shandie was trembling with rage. She whipped out the name card from her pocket and flung it at Arielle.

“It’s just a name card! You can have it back. It’s no big deal!”

With that, she spun on her heels and stormed out. However, when she walked past Vinson, he stretched his arm out to stop her.

Looking up, Shandie met Vinson’s icy glare.

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