Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 87

Chapter 87

“Ms Activardhahe making us the shopping mall. As the stores staff kicked Ms. More it. Ohi, right. Ms.

A nne alsa demanded to have the shirt that Ms. Moore wils about to purchase. .

Rayson’s merciless confession caused Yvette to ar paler, like a thief caught red handed.

She clenched her fists and frantically explained through downcast eyes. “That’s not true! They’re lying! They’re trying to frame me…”

Jordan snorted coldly. “So they’re frarring you now, huh? Then what about that last incident with The dog? Did someone else frame you?”

Beads of nervous sweat formed on Yvette’s forehead. All she could manage was a simple squeak, 7…”

“Enough!” Jordan interrupted. His ears burned a tinge redder with rage Tve told you once, never take me for a fool. But this is the second time you’ve lied straight to my face! Since you refuse to call off our engagement, I’ll have a word with my Mom tonight to jumpstart the process!”

Call off the engagement?

Yvette’s legs wobbled, causing her to take two steps back.

What respectable family will have me If the Bakers call off my engagement?

Absolutely not wat allow it

Yvette mustered up all her couray in one final allempt to save things. She dashed to Jordan, wrapping her a scund his thigh as she Oned out fat drops of tears. “No… please, Mr. Baker! made a foolish mistake. Please forgive me just this once! I swear Nill never cause trouble sain. Please don’t call off our engagement…”

This incident had out of any strand of patience or pity that Jordan felt for Yvette.

Jordan’s gaze shot over at the butler as he roared, Well? Why aren’t you getting rid of this nuisance?

The butler complied. He hurriedly called for two bodyguards, who pried Yvelle off Jordan’s thigh and dragged her out of the Jupiters’ estate.

Likewise, they removed Sharon from the estate. Vinson hadn’t even spared her a single glance, much less fall in love with her. Not that she minded because she was now terrified of Vinson.

The two looked utterly miserable as they boarded their car and returned to the Actonwards’ residence

Yvette remained dumfounded during their journey


I came here to gather the guys’ help in teaching Rayson as well as Anelle a lesson. However, this wasn’t how i predicted things to end not only did I lail to get Antelle in trouble, bur Jordan also

canooled out the contractWurther gang to do now?

argohhh!” Yvette Wap h ands hound her head and let out askin-crawling sce starting both Sharon and he driver

In the living room.

Arielle was left in a daze after Jordan had kicked Yvette out. Deep down, she wondered why he did

Still, she could not have been more delighted.

I dont know what happened exactly burl befriend anyone who’s mean to my enemies!

Hence, Arielle beamed brightly at Jordan, “Thanks for saving me back then.”

If Jordan hadn’t been around, thar dog would have mauled off my face.

Arielle’s eyes sparkled with adoration at Jordan. At that moment, he felt like the world was spinning gleefully like a carousel.

He was about to speak, but Harvey butted in, “You know Ms. Moore?

“Yeah.” Jordan happily met Harvey’s gaze and answered in a whispering voice, “She’s the goddess-the one that I told you guys. I’m going to pursue her”

Hamy’s face iurned yim within seconds of hearing this.

So Jordan mc Anehait a month enter than

Anndyance washed over Harvey. Similarly, Vinson’s features had darkeried to a raging shade of maroon

Vinson scowled inwardly, Why is she such a bull of Sunshine to every person but not me?

What did I crey do to upset her?

Unable to tolerate this any longer, Vinson opened his mouth bul was interrupted by his ringing phone

The caller ID showed “Sam.”

Sarmi, the director? Why is he calling me?

Vinson answered the call with an annoyed tone,


Sari’s imitated voice thundered from the phone like a furious storm. “Mr. Nightshire, the woman that you recommended won’t out it as our movie’s main lead! I Want hier replaced at once! If you

insist on having her as the lead character, then you can count me out of directing this film!”

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