Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 86

Chapter 86

“Rayson7” Harvey frowned ar Vinson. “Didn’t you instruct him to lay by Arielles 7 Why has he come here to borrow me of my cars?


reached with an equally puzzled quze.

At this, Harvey knew that there was no use questioning Vinson. He turned his attention buck onto the butler and briskly instructed, “Let them

“Right away, sir.” The butler spun on his heel it wasn’t long before he returned with the two quests

Almost instantly, Harvey’s gaze found its way onto Arielle, who was walking behind Rayson.

His brows raised in shock as he hadn’t expected her to show up as well.

A pleasantly surprised grin Spread on his lips while he dashed over to her side. “Arielle, what brings you here? Are you here to see me?”

Meanwhile, Arielle was busy being in awe of the Stunning wall carvings and accented details around her. She had lived abroad for so many years that this was her first time seeing a Traditional-themed architectural build. Its grandness mesmerized her.

Once she finally stopped admiring the walls, her eyes roamed past the faces of Harvey and the others in the room.

A lopsided sheer om spreation Ariella’s face when she saw the woman stan ling behind Jordan


What’s Yvette doing here all of a sudden?

Yvette is just like Sharidie, they’re both farred with the same brush I can’t bring myself to be nice to

Arielle sharply withdrew her gaze from Yvette. She then explained her reason for being here, “Our car broke down nearby: So, Rayson suggested that we borrow one of your cars to get us back home. Will that be fine with you?”

“AbsolutelyWhich cars would you preler? Please, take your pick from my garage.” Harvey had becorre uncharacteristically generous. His current behavior was nothing at all like how he had treated Yvette moments ago.

He whirled around and motioned thern to head for the garage. As he did so. Yvette finally got to see who the guests were

Her jaw clenched tautly with resentment. Why the hell is this b*tch here?

Oh wellthis is even better! Jordan was just about to deferid meNow that she’s here, Jordan might give her hell for mistreating me!

Yvette pouted at Jordan, She simultaneously pointed at Arielle and whined, “Mr. Baker! That’s the woman who stole my clothes and forced me

out of the shopping mall.”

Jordan Wasn’t the least latimleresied in R ing affairs. Thus, he hadn’t bothered to look at the

Now that Yvette was whining, Jordan instinctively glanded over in the guests’ direction. Upon taking in the sight of Arielle’s face, his eyes founded in surprise and recognition.

The goddess. The woman of my dreams!

Yvette hadn’t noticed the subtle glee in Jordan’s eyes because she had fully immersed herself in playing the victim, “She is truly a wicked woman. Please, you have to help me get even!”

At last, everything clicked into place for Jordan. He now understood who Yvette had been complaining about this whole time.

His dark eyes narrowed to slits, radiating hatred at Yvette. His voice boomed. “Zip it!”

Yvette was taken aback. She pursed her lips, unsure of why he shut her up.

Without a moment to waste, Jordan disregarded Yvette and clambered over to Arielle. He clumsily introduced himself, “Hi… do you remember me? We met at your family home. And uh, oh right! | was the one who saved you from the dog!”

All colur on Yvette’s face paled la a chalky white

HWhat the terrif iѕ hаррентга ке?

Anelle tilted her head in confusion Gradually, she

caled bits and peces al meeting him. Then she calmly said, “Oh… It’s you”

Frornatar, Yvette cast a stormy gaze at the two’s reunion. She couli tell that Jordan was behaving differently towards Ariello.

Jordan had always been a smooth-talker when it carne to woman. Yet, this wag Yvette’s first time Seeing him in such a flustered state. So, sorrething about it felt fishy to her

Whitehoi rage burned in Yvette’s throat as she clenched her fists. Despite her anger, Words refused to come out of her mouth,

Meanwhile, Vinson grew annoyed since Arielle had acknowledged everyone but him. He cleared his throat and began questioning Rayson, “Why are you guys here? Did something happen at the shopping mali?”

Rayson grimaced at the sight of Yvette. His voice was dangerously low while he recounted everything that had happened earlier.

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