Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 85

Chapter 85

Did my ears deceive me…7

Yvette stuttered in disbelief, “Y-You… what did you just say?”

Harvey shoved his hands into his pockets and

asserted impatiently. “I said Arielle can have whatever she desires. No one is to get in her wayNow, as for you… Correct me if I’m wrong, but were you speaking ill of her?”

Despite Harvey’s good looks, his chiseled features twisted into a sharp, distasteful frown. A dangerous aura emitted from him as if he was taunting Yvette for her reckless complaints. In response, Yvette shuddered even more

She panicked. How could this happen…?

came here to tell them that Anlelle hamistreated me. So why is Harvey looking at me Mke I’m the villain in this story?

On the other hand, Sharon remained kneeling on the ground. Her face had paled to a ghostly white that was full of regret.

Why diI think that following Yvette here woulbenefit me? shoulhave just gone for tea with the others!

What the hell was I thinking-sleeping with

Vinson? I cant even think about it after witnessing how scary he is. No ordinary person can look at him without getting chils, I can’t stop shaking after looking at his dark eyes.

Sharon with the Yege of Compared to her, Yvette had more mental frience and quickly got over herior: Yvette then kokia gamble try Hacing all herpes on Vinotec

Mr. Nichische..” Yvette mewed with a small panicky voice, “I’m not speaking ill of Arielle… I’m telling the truth because I worry for you. Your Assistant’s arrogance is disgracing your reputation. For your sake, you should do something about him…”

Vinson’s lips pressed into a thin line as he glowered at Yvette.

Who does she think Arioie is?l may not know Anelle very well, but I don’t believe a sigle word that Spew’s out of Yvette’s four mouth.

I would have asked the housekeepers to escort Yvette out by now if she wasn’t Jordan’s fiancée.

Vinson bit down his irritation while uttering a tart reply. “Let me spell it out for you, Ms. Actonward. I dont appreciate you meddling with the affairs of my assistant.”

He had unknowingly said assistant as opposed to Arielle, which he initially intended to say

All color drained from Yvette’s face

“1…” she opened her mouth, but the words never came as her mind went blank.

Niver in a million could have predice this to happen. Great That one is bused to the сонфлу һатура iri frar rə tarift fеаr, hile this alry wholeheartedly trusts his assistant Why isn’t

Regret testered in Yvelles chest.

Darmin it all! I should have just hired some men to beat Arelle into pulp!

Anger and fear battled inside Yvette like waves crashing against cach other. She couldn’t comprehend how things ended up this way. Curses filled her mind as she had never been this humiliated in her life.

Just as Yvette was frantically searching for an excuse, she suddenly noticed Jordan from the corner of her eye.

Hope swelled in her chest. Ive still got Jordan SurelheT take my side?

“M-Mr. Baker?” Yvette flashed a set of teary, puppy dog eyes. Then she resumed with a small voice, “1 didn’t know Mr. J*****r and Anielle were friends… I’m so sorry. I won’t ever get in her way when she’s shopping again. Please don’t be mad at me…”

Yvette was extremely skilled when it came to putting on a pitiful act.

Her shivering pretense was so believable that Jordan caved in.

Metre is

s y wife pawy Plus, if what Yerle Sipas Mici de lechiali dirt do anything wrong. Here’s werd la r on in such


wytwig, mhy funcée is the vicini in is sowation Shead to swreider me crathes wwe shopping because Soldie else wanted them. Then she Carne here for and seek assurarice from my friends, but they’re kicking her our instead. This humiliation wit also affect ry reputation since/ haven’t called off the rurage contract

Jordan’s expression softened. He cast a look at Harvey and Vinson before saying. “Come on, guys. Let’s drop this…”

Right then, the J*****r fartily’s butler came rushing in. “Mr. J*****r, there are two guests outside. They’re asking to borrow one of your


Harvey was already in a foul mood but grew frustrated at the news of more quests, who also wanted to borrow his car. He barked out, “Who is it this time?

The butler threw a nervous look at Vinson and said, “It’s Mr. Nightshire’s assistant, Mr. Seet.”

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