Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 84

Chapter 84

The other three dropped their jaw’s at the sighi af the unconscious man.

They were wellacquainted with Harvey’s taciless ways, they knew that he would never think twice before doing or saying anything. However, they couldn’t help but freeze in shock alter seeing Harvey knock the man out.

Jordan was the first who broke out of his trance. He clapped his hands dramatically and exclaimed. “Well, that’s just splendid! We spent ages going after this guy to use as balt, and now you’ve killed himl”

Darkness loomed over Vinson’s face.

He frowned at the severity of Harvey’s actions; they needed this man alive. Catching him wasn’t the primary goal because they still needed him as bait to lure out the mastermind behind the assassination attempt.

Vinson hurried over and placed a finger under the rrian’s nose.

He let out a relieved sigh after feeling faint breathing from the man. Then he whipped around to inform Carter, “He’s still alive. Get him to your family’s private hospital right away.”

“On it.” Carter instantly pulled out his phone, dialing for a private ambulance.

Once sorted, Vinson flashed a furious gaze at Harvey as if warning him to never pull another

Harvey only wanted to teach the main a los Now that he locked eyes with Vinson’s deadly gauze, he scratched the back of his head quiliy. “H have the right late upset tooThis man nearly killed me, just like he almost killed you too…”

*Fine” Vinson’s brows twisted into a frown as he continued, “Don’t let it happen again. And remember he’s not the one who wants us dead were after the person who’s giving this man Onders.”

“Exactly” Jordan chimed in with uncharacteristic Seriousness. “This guy is merely a p**n. Our main objective is to seize the big guy, so quit acting on impulse, all right? I prefer you drinking your Sorrows away.”

Harvey glared daggers at Jordan. Before he could retort, a bodyguard knocked and peeked in from the door. The bodyguard quickly reported, “A guest has requested your presence, Mr. J*****r.”

Harvey cast a questioning look at Carter and asked, “Did you get caught while bringing the man

“That’s impossible,” Carter denied with an amused scoff. I’m not Jordan.”

At once, Jordan’s chest puffed up in offense. “Hey! Who do you think you’re throwing jabs at, Mr. Carter Morgan?”

Carter smeered through a chiding tone, ”

S ple. I’m insulting the person who just responded to my

Seeing the two merile up, Vinsc thundeed, “That’s enough!”

Only then did the tery ander between the two dissipate.

Then Vinson questioned the bodyguard, Who’s the quest?”

The bodyguard was so terrified by Jordan and Carter’s dispute earlier that he promptly answered, “A lady named Yvette Actorward. She requests Mr. J*****r and Mr. Nightshire’s presence.”

“Yvette?” Jordan’s eyelid twitched, signaling a bad omen. “What is she doing here? And why is she requesting to see them?”

The bodyguard shook his head. “I’m not too sure… But Ms. Actonward seemed like she had something urgent to inform the two gentlemen about.”

Coincidentally, the private ambulance arrived and swiftly brought the unconscious man away.

With nothing left to do, Vinson looked over at Harvey and stated, “Let’s go see what she’s fussing about.”

Harvey looked as confused as Jordan. He pondered, Isn’t Yvette supposed to be Jordan’s

MareeWdoes she want on Vimowd te?

The four men decided to head loom logothet

to the living

There, Yvette and Sharon tapped their feet anxiously as they had waited for some time. When the men approached, Yvette inmediately noticed Jordan, whose features had darkened in displeasure. A shiver crept down Yvette’s spine as she no longer felt as eager about ralting Arielle out as before

Sht. Edmund! Thalgoddarried butier! I can’t believe he didnt tell me that Jordan was here too! How will pretend to be super close with Jordan and win over Vinson, as well as Harvey’s support agaist Arielle?

Since they were in the Jupiters’ territory, Harveinitiated pleasantries, “It’s been a while, Ms. Actonward. Is there a reason for your visit?”

Yvette stole a glance at Jordan. However, he averted her gaze and appeared nonchalant altogether. Pain prickled across Yvette’s chest at his Ignorance. Still, she feigned a bright smile and replied, “I have something to tell you and Mr. Nightshire… But I didn’t know that Mr. Baker would be here too.”

Jordan raised a brow. “Why? Am I not allowed to be here? Or is my presence causing you any inconvenience?”

Anger broiled in Jordan

He had witnessed Yvette’s vile nature during the dog incident at the Southalls’ residence. Now that Yvette showed up here, he tulit help but doubt her intentions.


i dust try to wen van anmolg my brothers? And bevind rhy back roo7

How shameless

Meanwhile, Yvette assumed that Jordan had misunderstood the situation. She thought he was jealous that she was seeking out other men.

In reality, the romance between her and Jordan was one-sided; she was keen on their marriage while Jordan was not. Although she often wished for Jordan’s presence, this wasn’t one of those times.

Rats, he’s here. can‘t make use of my title as Jordan’s fiancée to complain about Arielle now

Yvette contemplated her next move extensively before finally answering. “Your presence isn’t inconvenient per se, it’s just that this matter involves Mr. Nightshire and Mr. J*****r…”

Vinson had sat onto one of the sofas. His face was devoid of emotions, uninterested in joining the conversation

Left without a choice, Harvey brought the conversation back to its original focus. “What’s the matter? Get to the point.”

The one thing he loathed with all his might was when people beat around the bush.

Sufled by the threatening sura dan fauf me, Yvette out to the chase. “I was at Mr Jupiters Shopping mall today a s Mr Nighishine’s

esistant. He and his girlfriend were causing Trouble in the mall stepped in onevent things inom escalating. But they wouldn’t see reaso. They even forced me to leave…”

Vinson’s uninterested qaze became more alert now that his assistant was involved. Unnerved, he locked eyes with Yvette. “Did you say Rayson’s girlfnend?”

He had always known that Rayson had a unique sexual preference. Still, he couldn’t help but mentally cheer for Rayson how that he finally got himself a partner

Thank goodness. Rayson’s Morn wont have to worry about his love ife anymore. Even better, shell stop begginme to convince Rayson into getting a partner

Yet, Yvette dropped a bombshell when she announced the girlfriend’s identity, “That’s right I’m sure you know her as well, Mr. Nightshire. Her name is Arielle, the Southalls’ long-lost daughter from the country.


Vinson and Harvey shot onto their feet at once.

Jordan hadn’t connected the dots about who

Arice was, so he looked quizzically Hi the im startled M.

Nol only were they taken aback, but Yvette was Tao. She yeiped backward in utter shock

We up with these guys? Why are they so

Are they haser with Rayson’s risbe awar? They

W&T be

Confident with her guess, Yvette went on with her made-up story. “Mr. Nightshire, your assistant is plenty arrogant His girlfriend too! She thinks she’s so high and mighty, she even name-dropped you, Mr. Nightshire, to steal the clothes I was keen on buying and force me out of the shop. You mustn’t allow such vermin to continue working alongside you!”

For some reason, Yvette felt as if her words had garnered some vicious gazes.

She instinctively looked up. It turned out that Harvey and Vinson were glaring at her with malice burning in their eyes.

These men were different from the average person: Harvey was a member of the armed forces, while Vinson was a top-notch leader in the business industry. Their glares were so intense that Yvette’s knees weakened.

Yvette reached out, motioning Sharon to support her. However, Sharon was spineless and had

Already fallen anto the ground,

Sa Yvelte facused all her mighi, chopping herself upright by pushing kainst the mula b adher.

Fear raftled deep in her bones. Still, she mustered

very bit of courage she had to ask, “H-is something wrong, Mr. Nightshire? I swear im being the truth. You have to believe me

Vinson’s eyes narrowed as a murderous shade of purple flickered in his eyes.

Beside him, Harvey was equally fuming. He had always been a straightforward person, so he spoke up as soon as Yvette stopped talking. You Said Anelle stole the clothes that you werG interested in?”

Yvette nodded profusely: “That’s right!

A smug grin spread across Harvey’s face. He told her off. “Then you should have given it to her. I own that shopping mall, and this is what I have to say about your little complaint: Arielle can have whatever she wants from my mall.”

This declaration caused Yvette’s features to harden.

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