Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 83

Chapter 83

Famy readily agreed, “Sure auch out if you ever need my help. I’m taking part in a lashion design TV show, so ill be in the country for the next few months.”

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The two chatted for a bit before exchanging contact details, then going their separate ways.

Arielle was about to hail a cab, but an MPV suddenly drove up to her-it was Rayson,

He rolled down the window and tee-heed. “Ms. Sannie, it won’t be easy to get a cab from here. I’ll give you a nde home instead.”

He mentally justified his actions. MrMigvitshire instructed’ fre to stay by Ms. Sannie’s side. Plus, I can’t helbut worry about letting her go home on her own.

Who knows? She might be the future Mrs. Nightshwe. As MNightshire’s assistant, how can! allow sucdistinguished figure to travel horne in

Arielle’s shoulders fell, giving in to his persistence. Still, she couldn’t help but ask, “Don’t you have anything better to do? Like helping out at Nightshire Group?”

Rayson chuckled awkwardly at her question. Little did she know, he had sorted out Mr. Nightshire’s schedule for tomorrow and looked through three of the company’s documents while waiting for her

Arice didn’t decline in gol to his car

Unfortunately for them, their car broke down

Then the two of them stod by the roadside while staring at each other. Various cars drove by as they waited for the tow truck to arrive.

As time passed, Rayson frowned deeper and deeper. He then checked their location and awkwardly uttered, “Ms. Sannie, the tow truck might take another half an hour to arrive. It’ll also be difficult to hitch a ride on this highway. I happeni to know that Mr. J*****r lives within this area. Perhaps we should head over and see if hell lend us his car…?”

Arielle heaved a sigh before nodding.

We can’t keewaiting aimlessly here for the next half hour

The Jupiters lived in the northern suburbs, near the national park. Their home sat on a large estate. It had traditional architecture, featuring pillars as well as white and black color schemes. Tall white fences surrounded the house, guarding the artistically built home inside as if it were a portal to another World,

By the time Vinson and Harvey arrived, Carter had already moved the person down to the spare garage in the basement.

The otherwise pitch-black qarage was now brightly lit

As soon as Vinson entered, he saw that the man had crouched into the corner. The man nocked his body slightly while mumbling es of nonsensical words.

His clothes were in tatters, the white shirt he wore was heavily stained and had multiple holes.

On top of that, the man’s unkempt hair looked like overgrown weeds. His frazzled appearance resembled that of a beggar who had gone insane.

Even so, Vinson immediately recognized the man -he’s one of the assassins on the cruise.

Carter noticed that Vinson and Harvey had entered. He nudged his gold-framed glasses and joined Jordan in approaching them.

“What’s going on?” Harvey glanced at the disheveled man before resuming. “This guy stabbed me when I was overseas. Back then, he looked like some CEO of an international company or something. So why does he look like this now? Is he faking it?”

Jordan Shrugged. He tossed the toy rat aside and shook his head in response. “I’ve tested him, and it doesn’t seem like he’s faking it. He really is insane.”

The rubbery rat that Jordan threw landed on Carter’s foot. Disgusted, Carter kicked it away. He

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The local fishermen at that he c ounteren shark before they found him, Luck was his side, but it is like the whole thing scarred in mentaly. We won’t get much information from

berregaling him while he’s in this site. All we can do now is treat him in my larrily’s private hospital

Harvey cussed at this, This b*****d nearly killed me! And you want to treat him? Where the hell is the logic in this?”

Bolsterous laughter roared out from Jordan.

He teased, “Hah! Would you look at that? I didn’t think you knew such colorful language. It looks like you’re back to normal now, eh?

Harvey’s face puckered into a glare. Then he walked closer to the deranged man and looked him coldly in the eye.

“I get that we’re sending you for treatment, but I gotta get my revenge!”

With that, Harvey gripped the collar of the man’s shirt and rarried a fist into his stomach

The impact rattled the man, who spewed a mouthful of blood before passing out cold

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