Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 821

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 821

As Wendy was evidently shaken, her mother was shocked and asked what happened.

After explaining everything while sobbing, she clarified, “I was afraid Arielle might ruin the archive, but Mr. Brown thought I was framing her. Mom, I can‘t take it anymore!”

“That b*tch!” Cecilia huffed. “Darling, calm down. Your father and I will be there this Friday. You have tests on both Thursday and Friday, right?”


“We‘ll wait for you at the gate after your test.”

“Okay!” Wendy nodded profusely.

Mom and Dad are finally going to be here. I might not be Arielle‘s match, but they are!

Meanwhile, Aaron asked his assistant to find a nice restaurant nearby, and the car soon rolled to a stop at Maureen‘s Kitchen.

Though the entrance seemed ordinary, it was crowded.

His assistant opened the car door for him. “Mr. Aaron, please wait. I shall clear the venue for you.”

“No need.” Aaron gave him a dismissive wave. “I‘ve been cooped up at home for too long. This is new. I shall eat together with the peasants.”

“Understood.” His assistant gave him a polite bow and led him in.

There happened to be an empty table, so Aaron sat down and ordered a few dishes. He waited patiently for his food to be served.

After glancing at the ordinary menu, his assistant said, “Your accommodation is ready. We have a chef in our entourage. If the food here isn‘t to your liking, I can ask the chef to prepare dinner for you.”

“Mm.” Aaron didn‘t say no, for he thought the food in this ordinary restaurant would not be delicious.

The reason he came here was to experience Chanaea for himself.

Shortly after, the first dish was served–spicy beef stew.

Aaron stared at it, his appetite gone.

The soup was red, and it was as though the chef had thrown random ingredients inside. There were meat, chipotle peppers, and beans all mixed together in one bowl of stew. It looked somewhat like a bowl of leftover food.

His lips twitched as he picked a slice of meat and stuffed it into his mouth.

His assistant glanced at the stew and declared, “I shall ask our chef to prepare dinner for you.”

The moment he said that, Aaron‘s eyes lit up in disbelief.

Before the assistant could say anything, Aaron ate another piece of meat swiftly.

This time, he swallowed it without chewing.

He then tasted every ingredient in the spicy beef stew and mumbled, “This is incredible. I can‘t believe it!”

I can‘t believe something that looks like leftover food tastes this delicious! The meat practically melts in my mouth, and the spiciness hits just the right spot. I never knew beef can be this tender! Is Chanaean food this delicious? Or is it only this restaurant?

Aaron turned to his assistant and ordered, “Get the restaurant owner now. I want to buy this restaurant!”

If Turlen allows entry to foreigners, I will definitely bring the chef back to my country!

“W–Why do you suddenly want to buy the restaurant? Is the food that delicious? I–It looks really average to me.” His assistant was confused.

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