Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 82

Chapter 82

Arielle’s brow clumped together in a row. What nonsense are you sewing

Heside her, Rayson that a sharp haze at Yete well. Hewa , “Dahind your language, Miss.”

Rayson assumed that Yvette would shrink away like some frightend rodent and apologize la Arelle, but that wasn’t the case Yvette raised a leering brow at him while rebuking, “Mr. Seet, is your boss aware of your gallivant ways out here?! suggest you be careful while playing with fire because Mr. Nightshire is not a lenient man. He won’t tolerate a sloppy assistant.”

Then she wanked Sharon’s wrist and sashaved off without waiting for Rayxon or Ariëlle’s response.

Sharon walked with shaky knees as she asked, “Yvette… Is it wise to speak so rudely to Mr. Seet?”

Yvette huffed, “Why does it matter? That pathetic assistant will be relieved from his position and left to roam the streets soon. Once he becomes useless, I doubt Arielle will stick to him as she’s doing now!”

She scowled inwardly. Anelte is just like her schemvig father, Herwick-power hungry monsters.

Flaring with irritation, Yvette dialed her butler’s number. “Edmund, find out Mr. Nightshire’s current location at once.”

Edmund paused nervously on the other end of the call. He eventually stuttered, “A-are you referring to

Mr. Nichishie of Nighshire Group Ma. Yvet


Carain wou?”

IT… I’m afraid it’s impossible to track the current whereabouts of a big shot like Mr. Nichishine.”

Within seconds. Yvette’s expression darbed a ched cont care! Youll do as I say and track him Now Otherwise, you can see your job goodbye

Edmund hung up shortly after. His blinking gray eyes stared gravely into the space.

How on earth www track im.

Coincidentally one of the Actonwards housekeepers had just returned from delivering gifts to Jordan. They mentioned that Jordan was Visiting Vinson at the Jupilers’ residence

That housekeeper was quite the babble mouth. He rambled on, I don’t get why these men gather so frequently. What a waste of leisure time! personally think that Mr. Baker should be using this opportunity to spend more time with Ms. Yvette.”

Newertheless, Edmund’s eyes lit up gratefully for this newfourid information. He instantly dialed Yvette’s number.

“Ms. Yvette, i found it. Mr. Nightshire is currently at the Jupiters.”

“The Jupiters?” Yvette casually checked on her

mails. Her lips curled with clelight as a plan hatched in her mind. “That’s even better son and Ardle were frolicking about in the J*****r Berritory. What a perfect opportuntio rat them out to Mr Nightshire.”

Once their callended. Yvelle turned to look at Sharon. “Im going to visit Mr Nightshire. You should head home il you’re too much of a chicken. Also, inform the others that I’m off to see Mr. Nightshre. Tell them that I won’t be joining them for tea

Sharon had initially crossed her arms tightly in panic. However, this changed at the mention of Vinson’s name; an eager gleam flitted across Sharon’s eyes.

Yevelte’s family, the Actonwards, were close with the Hakers because of the marriage contract between her and Jordan. Hence, this gave Yvettfrequent access to meeting men frorn Jadeborough, Sharon had always envied Yvette for this, because her chances of encountering those handsome men from Jadeborough were ZETO

The more Sharon thought about this, the more a steadlast determination surged through her veins. She stated, “How could I let you face that alone? I’m coming with you!”

Yvette’s eyes roamned over Sharon, studying her in approval. “I’m impressed. You’ve always seemed like an opportunistic minion, but I guess you’re pretly loyal to me, huh? Alright then, let’s go

together and make sure the two or kioked out of Jadeborough largo!”

“Abubablog dylutely!” Sharon noddled with passion,


by meeting Mr Nightature!

My looks are comparable to rele’s so maybe Mr. Nighshire might all in love with me arst sight.

Idont care if i’m not worthy of marring into the Mightsfire farwy Just anoding a passionate night With Vinson Nighstire is more than enough for me I be iving out every girl’s dream!

The two had different plans; but both merrily went their way to the Jupiters residence.

Meanwhile, Anielle hadn’t paid any mind to Yvette’s ultimatum.

Arielle had dismissed Rayson, instructing Hirn not to follow her around to which he complied. Theri she spent the rest of her day shopping with F***y. While they browsed through some clothing racks. Arielle emplained her current situation and expressed her wish to keep her identity a secret.

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