Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 81

Chapter 81

Rayson looked at the coffee stain on her dress and You All the way I lay this cup of called this happened. Do you know who | bought this coffee for?”

His expression tumed gim.

The calor drained out of Yete’s face

Did he buy this colle lor.. Vinson?

No one should wc mess with Vinson as he was the most difficult person to deal with among the Tour young men from Jadeborough’s proininent families.

Unlike Harvey, who had shown her some respect Vinson had never paid attention to her

And now she knocked over his coffee and reprimanded his assistant

Yvette could not stop her body from shaking and asked in a trembling voice, “Where did you buy the coffee? I’ll go and get another one…

“Yes! Well get you another cup of coffee right now!” Sharon echoed.

Sharon had to be even more mindful than Yvette because the Nightshire Group could desiroy her Pariily more easily than the Actonwards.

Vinen Rayson was about to respond to their plea, he saw a farriliar face from a stone’s throw away

He grind and get “Mi Sanniri”

Harsoniqnered the w

omen and ramad

Yvette kred her brows looked in his direction, and Anale coming out of the shop.

Anne Moore? The coice was for it? Wu? Besides Vinson who else could

to work for mu?


She could not believe it when she saw her Rayson was trying to curry favor with Arielle.

1 walked pasta cale earliest and bought you a cup of coffee. I believe you like coffee right?” Rayson

Arielle responded with a wy smile. She did not expect to see Vinson’s assistant here. “Yeah, I do drink coffee. So, where is it?”

Seeing Arielle got him so eicted that he forgot he no longer had the coffee.

He hesitated for a bit, tumed around, and shot daggers at Yvelte.

Yvette’s mind went blank upon seeing his reaction.

He reany bought that coffee for her?

Wat has she done to deserve such a privilege?

Yvette could not help but look at Arielle’s

lace. That me! Shems Tech

Now it all me 99 Arielle lave gottenilo know Funny Mogh Vinson’s assistant

Yvette remembered Shandie had once told her about the rumons between Vinsori and Arielle, but at that point, she believed the man whom Arielle was invohed with was Vinsons assistant

I wonder how Vinson would think of their relationshi.

Yvette thought since she had offended Rayson, she might as well take this opportunity to get rid of him!

You chose to fool around with Arice, so don’t blarne me for being crue!!

The fear in her had vanished into thin air. A corner of her mouth quirked up, and she decided to give thern the final blow.

Time for revenge, suckers!

Arielle followed his line of sight and saw Yvette

Yvette strade in their direction with a condescending look on her face

You seem to be very good at seducing men. Thal’s quite an achievement for a country

bumokny” The mocked

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