Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 804

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me, Chapter 804

“Arielle?” Donovan‘s expression turned gloomy at once. He asked, “What do you want with her? Who are you to her? What‘s your occupation?”

The man chuckled in response. “Mister, I‘m just here to see her. Why are you asking so many questions?”

With an awkward expression, Donovan replied coldly, “Because you dress in an extremely weird manner.”

“Oh, I see…” the man dragged his last syllable. After that, he took off his mask and sunglasses to reveal a face with exquisite features. It was Jason, an extremely popular celebrity.

Even though Donovan wasn‘t into celebrities, he found Jason somewhat familiar. He asked quizzically, “And you are?”

Jason was upset when Donovan didn‘t recognize him. However, he figured that a teacher would likely not be interested in celebrities. Hence, he collected himself and leaned in to answer, “My name is Jason Sleight. I‘m an actor.”

Meanwhile, when the students in the class recognized Jason, they were in an uproar.

“My God! Is that Jason Sleight?”‘

“Why is he here in school? I‘m a big fan of his!”

At the same time, some of the guys scoffed at him. “He looks just like a girl. I don‘t know what all you girls see

in him.”

The girls retorted, “You must be jealous. He is prettier than a girl, alright?”

Just as the boys and the girls were arguing, a crowd slowly began to build as they were curious why a superstar like Jason was at their class.

Meanwhile, Wendy stared intently at Jason.

When she was in high school Jason starred in the most popular high–school drama back then. She didn‘t have a habit of watching such dramas but was addicted to the one Jason acted in. Therefore she had been a fan of his for a long time and didn‘t expect to see him in the flesh.

At that moment, one of her classmates turned to her and asked with a grin, “Wendy, is Jason here to see you?”

“No,” Wendy denied by reflex. “I don‘t know him.”

“Perhaps, he knows you. After all, you‘re the prettiest girl in class.”

Obviously, that was true only when Arielle wasn‘t around.

Having heard those words, Wendy felt rather self conscious.

After all, she was confident of her looks, and there was no one else prettier than her in class.

Is Jason really here for me?

Wendy heart began to race.

Although she only had feelings for Vinson, any girl would still feel nervous in front of Jason.

Rubbing her palms, Wendy replied, “I really don‘t know him. So, you guys should stop making fun of me. Anyway, I’ll help you guys ask if it‘s necessary to complete the supplementary questions in the paper.”

Just as she spoke, she headed out with her homework in hand.

In truth, she wanted to verify if Jason was really there on her account.

If he was, she planned to use him to impress Vinson.

After all, Jason was a superstar. Hence, she was sure that Vinson would take notice of a girl that a superstar was interested in.

Having made up her mind, Wendy headed out the classroom door.

“Mr. Baxter, with regards to this supplementary question…”

Before she could finish, she heard Donovan question, “Actor? No wonder you wrapped yourself up like that. What do you want with Arielle?”‘

Stopping in her tracks, Wendy‘s eyes widened in disbelief.

He‘s here for Arielle and not me?

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Wait! I Have Something to Say!

At that instant, Wendy could feel the blood rushing over her, making her face flush crimson.

A huge wave of humiliation immediately engulfed her.

What? Arielle Moore again? Why do all the outstanding boys get attracted by her? Are they all blind?

Wendy was so infuriated that her hands started to tremble. At the same time, she was glad that she did not tell her classmate that Jason was there for her.

Otherwise, it would be embarrassing.

“There‘s a movie that I would like to invite Arielle to be the main actress. Lecturer, can you call her out for me, please?” Jason asked.

Upon hearing that, Wendy‘s eyes widened in shock.

Seriously? Arielle as the main actress? In the same movie with Jason? Gosh! What has she done to deserve this? She is just a country girl!

With a face devoid of any expression, Donovan replied, “She‘s not here. She has been absent for two days already.”

“Oh, I see…” Jason‘s expression was full of disappointment. “Then, do you know when she will be back for classes?”

“I don‘t know.”

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