Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 80

chapter 80

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Ariela Moorer Yvette walked up loher and raised her voice. “Enough with your act! Arent you from the countryside? How did you know adesigner from Feature?”

When Arielle was about to defend herself, F***y slepped in. So you’re saying I dont know whaam I talking to? Do you think I’m blind? We dont welcome undouth customers in our shop. Please leave.

Yectle looked at her in disbelief. “How dare you? Do you not know that I can easily destroy your company with a snap of the fingers?”

F***y titled her chin. “Try me.”

“You” Yvette exclaimed, “Don’t you regret what you’ve done today!”

She turned around and stoned away in frustration

ir going to ask Dad to get Frature out of Jadeborough!

Na. I should tak to the Jupiters instead since Feature’s shop was in the shopping mall

Since her fiancé, Jordan, and J*****r Group’s CEO, Harvey, were good friends, she decided to get

Hany’s help to


Jordan’s t

hat I’m sure he does for!

Yvette dashed out of the shop and bumped into il

The man who had a cup of coffee in his man. accidentally splashed the drink all over Yvette

The pollee was so hol that Yvette shrieked in pain

“Are you okay? Sharon checked on her before teprimanding the man, “Are you bind?”

The man was stunned for a moment. It seemed he was surprised that someone actually talked to him in such a manner.

A sudden frown waped his face. He responded, “She knocked into me first.”

Upon noticing the coffee siain on her new dress, Yvette shot daggers at the man. “Do you know how much this dress cost? Do you know whal am? I can ban you from entering this shopping mall for the rest of your lifel”

The man who initially had a smiley face, instantly turned grim. He shorted and retaliated, “And do you know who I am? I can ban you from entering this shopping mall for the rest of your life!”

“How dare your Yvette bellowed. When she lifted her head, she saw another man standing behind

him. The minhada mame badge pinner anh

Yvette walked up to the manager and said, “Kick this out of the shopping . Im Jordan Bakeris fiancée, and your CEO Harvey Jupitet is my field

The mader freze for a moment and wokA glance at the man before going Yvetiresponse. I’m sorry, Miss. I have to ask you to have the shopping mall right now. Please leave Before leal the security guards.”

“What the hell? I’m your CEO’s friend! How could you not take my instruction?

The manager extended his hand and explained to her who the man was. I dont know if youre a friend of our CEO but this is Mr. Nightshire’s 888.stant, Mr. Rayzon Seet.

Yvette and Sharons eyes widened in disbelief.

Vinson Migliswe’s assistant?

Yvette fecalled how her father had been trying to get in Vinson’s good books but to no avail. She also tennerbered her father had been giving Rapson some qifts in the hope of gaining Vinson’s

Dolcifend stehe worn Dad has been in hard to please? Did try to throw him out of the


going to do?” Sharon askerl

I don’t know hori, i dont know!

Tu qat kicked out of a sha and now forlede The instant or a big stol? Who’s witmilk

Yvette swallowed the flud lodged in her throat and immedialclypend an apologetic smile on her TACA. “Tm sorry, Mr. Seet Please forgve us.”

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