Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 79

Chapter 79

Suddenly, F***y recalled the drama earlier and asked Arielle, “What happened just now? Why did they say you caused trouble here?”

Arielle gave the manager and the shop attendant a sullen glare and said, “I wanted to purchase a dress, but one of them accused me of stealing while the other gave the dress to your VIP quest. She even instructed the shop attendant to kick me out of the shop.”

“What!” A fierce glimt flashed across F***y’s eyes.

How dare they do that to Ms. Sanne? Even Ms. Reinley has to show her respect!

Arielle took a deep breath and advised. “Instead of hiring high-profile designers, why don’t you spend on training your stafl on customer service?”

That was quite a slap in the faces of the manager and the shop atiendant.

They tilted their heads and noticed F***y was looking up at thert with a scowl.

Feature offered great remuneration packages. To all its employees, especially those holding managerial positions.

Even a shop atiendant could earn up to live figures a month on top of their sales commissions. It would be disastrous for them if they last this job!

The manager instantly grabbed Arielles arm and begged for her forgiveness. “I’m sorry, Miss. It’s all

my faul. Please give me another chance

Tears started rolling down the shop cendants checks. Please forgive me too. Mias. I swear Til treat all the customers equally in the future!

They were on the verge of kneeling before Arielle.

Yet, Arielle responded with a deadpan expression,

You have to swear that you’ll treat all your Qus ers equally when it’s your responsibility in the firsi place? How pathetic.”

“No, no, no, that’s not whatt meant…” she immediately tried to explain. “Im sorry! I’m really

Arielle pulled her hands away and said icily. “That’s enough. Had I not bumped into F***y today, you all would have treated me like a thief and reported me to the cops. Instead of begging for my forgiveness, go and talk to F***y!”

Both the manager and the shop attendant looked at F***y in fear.

The grim-faced F***y turned around and told her assistant, “Kick them out of the company, and blacklist them!

Yes, Miss!” The assistant then signaled the Security guards to come in and pulled them out of the shop

Though the guards in moved them from the shopi, Arielle uld still hear them wailing lotnia

Bu she did not sympathize with them at all.

They desemo mere

The other shop attendants looked at Anelle differently now. They were relieved that they were not involved in the drama barlier

Atew of them even took the opportunity to wrap the dress Arielle wanted to purchase.

Nobody bothered to entertain Yvette, who used to enjoy all the VIP privileges.

Yvette, who grew up living the life of a princess had never experienced such humiliation.

It was as if no one cared that she was engaged to one of the Bakers and the number one socialite of Jadeborough

She became even more emotional when she recalled how they had killed her Pitbull right before

Her helplessness soon urned into anger.

I don’t care wiat brand it is or how famous their desigHier is wid I don’t give a d**n about Arivile Moore, I want ton jo vanish fron Jadeborough orice and for all

Yvette’s fingers curked into fists of rage.

Upon noticing Yvetle’s resentment, Sharon wanted to stop her from acting impulsively, but Yvette brushed her aside.

She then sirode in Arielle’s direction.

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