Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 78

Chapter 78

The shop attendant then pulled Arielle over to the other side of the door

After tidying herself up a little and whispering in Yvette’s car, the manager then brought Yvette and her friend over

She then greeted F***y with a smile. “Ms. F***y! | didn’t expect you to come so early. Our VIP guest is here too. Why don’t you have a little chat with her?”

Yvette, too, greeted F***y with a grin. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I love your designs, especially your latest collection. I came here to buy them.”

F***y kept a distance from her and responded with a smile. She then asked, “I heard a commotion. Did something happen?”

The manager panicked.

The motto that the brand lived by was “the customers are always right.” They were supposed to provide the best service to all their customers.

The manager smiled wryly and explained, “Someone came and stirred up trouble earlier, but We managed to get her out of the premises.”

F***y knitted her brows. “What do you mean? Is she not happy with our after-sales service?”

“Oh, n-no…* The manager immediately denied it. “She was just being difficult.”

Meanwhile, the shop attendant was about to drag Arielle out of the door

But Arielle stood rooted that the shop attendant could not get her out

She did not stop the attendant from pulling her because she was so shocked that they treated her in such a manner

But by the time she came to her senses, she instantly swung her hand from the attendant’s grip and stormed back to the shop.

“Is this how you treat your customers?” Arielle exploded with rage.

Noonly did the shop attendant look down on me, she evetried to kick me out othe shop?

Suddenly, she noticed F***y standing in the middle of the shop

F***y looked over and froze for a bit upon seeing Arielle from afar

Yet, the manager and Yvette did not notice the expression on F***y’s face. The manager shot daggers at the shop attendant before confronting Arielle, “Why are you still here? Do you want me to call the cops?”

Yvette, too, stepped in and reprimanded Arielle, “Are you not embarrassed? You are not welcome here! Yet, you’re still here causing trouble!”

F***y still could not believe Arielle was standing before her. “Ms. Sannie? Are you Ms. Sannie?”

Arielle did not expect to see F***y too. “It’s you?”

F***y nodded repeatedly and was pleasantly surprised that Arielle still remembered her. “You remember me?”

The manager and Yvette were utterly stunned.

They know each other?

Yvette was even more shocked. How on earth did this country bumpkin get to know this famous designer?

Arielle nodded and continued, “They said the designer is coming over, and I thought they were talking about Phyllis. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

F***y responded with a nod. “I used to work as Ms. Reinley’s assistant, but I’m a designer now. Ms. Reinley told me she couldn’t get past her creative block ever since you left.”

The manager’s jaw dropped after listening to their conversation

The shop attendant then mumbled by the manager’s ear, “Ms. Reinley? Isn’t she the founder and the chief designer of our brand?”

The manager shuddered at that thought and staggered almost instantly.

Oh God. Who have loffended!

Meanwhile, Yvette was at a loss for words at the turn of events.

Not only did this country b*mpkin know F***y, but She’s also a friend of the founder of Feature? Did F***y mistake Arielle for someone else?

That was just Yvette’s wishful thinking. Judging by their banter, it was clear that they were close friends. Both Arielle and F***y seemed to have forgotten that there were people around them.

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