Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 77

Chapter 77

The shop attendant was stunned. Yvette must have hated Arielle so much that she want even let Arielle retain her dignity.

Yet, she was unsure about Arielle’s background. On the other hand, Yvette was an important customer and benefactor

Last year, she managed to achieve outstanding sales due to Yvette.

Thus, the shop attendant merely hesitated for a brief second as she came to a decision. “All right, I will wrap this up right away,” she beamed brightly and followed Yvette’s instructions,

“Wait a minute,” Arielle called out in a frigid tone. “I wanted to purchase this shirt first. Shouldn’t you wrap it up for me?”

It was blatantly obvious that Yvette’s request was aimed at her. The conflict between the two women seemed unresolvable.

Since we cannot resolve itwhy should concede to herTherenothing that yearn for in thientirworldEven so, why should let others take away whatmine?

“You peasant! Do you think that you are in your village? This is my territory! Quick, pack it up for me right now,” Yvette sneered cruelly.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, the shop attendant looked at Yvette and Arielle in a conflicting manner.

By right, she should sell the shirt to Arielle, Additionally, Arielle seemed like a person she shouldn’t cross. Yet, Yvette was someone whe couldn’t afford to offend either.

The shop attendant gritted her teeth. “Miss, I’m terribly sorry. Ms. Actonward is one of our esteemed customers. She has the privilege to buy the clothes first. Why don’t you take a look around the other clothes?”

Yvette’s lips curled into a triumphant smile when she heard the shop attendant’s words. “Did you hear that?” she gloated and crossed her arms over her chest proudly

Just as Arielle was about to reply, the manager rushed over. “Have you cleaned the shop? The designer is coming over to inspect our store soon. Quick, tidy up the clothing racks!” the manager instructed urgently.

Right after the manager finished speaking, she noticed Yvette. Immediately, a courteous smile appeared on her face. “Ms. Actonward, are you here to look at our clothes?”

Yvette nodded arrogantly and extended her finger to point at Arielle. “I came here to buy some clothes. However, this idiot insists on buying the same product. Who do you want to sell this shirt to?” she turned to address the manager haughtily.

Immediately, the manager gave Arielle a once over. Despite her ordinary outfit, Arielle had a sophisticated temperament that was unlike

After giving the question a brief thought, the manager cleared her throat. “There is only one of Feature’s clothing pieces in each of our stores, However, we restock our clothing on a regular basis. Miss, why don’t you leave this shirt for Ms. Actonward? You can leave your address with us, and I personally deliver the shirt when it’s back in stock” the manager offered politely

Arielle frowned when she heard the manager’s decision. “I first assured that the problem only existed in your shop attendants. Seeing your attitude now as a manager, I’m now worried for the future of this brand.”

Immediately, the manager’s mood darkened. “Miss, I don’t think a customer like you should be worried about our brand. I’ve suggested a logical solution to the problem. If you aren’t satisfied, you can leave without buying.”

“I’m not worthy?” Arielle chuckled in amusement. “Didn’t you say that your designer is coming soon? Which designer is it?” she asked the manager.

Anielle’s statement earlier had offended the manager. “I don’t think that you have any business being involved in this matter,” she replied stiffly.

Immediately, the woman who accompanied Yvette called out mockingly, “The exit is right there! See yourself out!”

Arielle’s cold gaze swept towards the group. She

looked at them as if they were her sworn enemies. Just as she opened her mouth to retort, a stylishly dressed woman accompanied by an entourage of quards entered the shop,

The moment she spotted the well-dressed woman, the manager leaped to her feci and pushed Arielle towards the exit. “Stop meddling around. I’m going to lodge a report if you continue to cause a scene. Quick bring her out via the back door!” the manager hissed lowly.

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