Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 76

Chapter 76

Upon hearing the voice, the shop attendant hurried towards the entrance as she ignored Arielle.

“Mrs. Actonward! You are here! We’ve kept all the clothes just for you. The new clothing has just arrived today, we haven’t put them on display yet Why don’t you wait for a short while? I will bring the clothes here for your selection,” the shop attendant said in an attempt to flatter Yvette.

“All right, pick up the pace! I have a lunch appointment with my friend later.”

“It will only take a short while.” The shop attendant assured her.

After hearing their conversation, Arielle thought that the woman’s voice sounded extremely familiar. It feels like I’vheard of it before.

Subconsciously, Arielle tilted her head to look at the source of the voice.

She caught sight of a woman with exquisite makeup, dressing in a trendy miniskirt. A look of arrogance painted the woman’s face as she sat in a cross-legged position. There was a cup of tea poised in her hand. Occasionally, the woman would take a delicate sip from the cup.

On the other hand, Sharon stood by her side as she picked at her manicured nails with a look of boredom.

Arielle recognized the woman in a blink of an eyeIsn‘t she the woman who seher dog on me

before? She must be Yvetter

According to the gossip amongst housekeepers, Yvette had an engagement contract with one of the four most eligible and powerful bachelors of Jadeborough

If it weren’t for them, I wouldn‘t have encountered so many problems trying to uncover the truth behind my mother’death.

Arielle looked away quickly and shifted her attention back to the clothes.

Coincidentally, she spotted a blue short-sleeved shirt.

Immediately, Arielle took it and headed towards the cashier

All of the clothes manufactured by Feature were one-size-fits-all. Thus, Arielle didn’t need to test it out before buying it.

However, Arielle barely managed to take a few steps before she bumped into the shop attendant. The shop attendant glared at her with contempt when she noticed the shirt in Arielle’s clutches.

“What are you doing? Are you trying to steal it? I’m warning you. There are surveillance cameras all over the shop!” The shop attendant snatched the shirt from Arielle rudely.

Arielle couldn’t believe the shop attendant thought that she was about to steal the shirt. Despite her

high tolerance for rude behavior, Arielle’s patience couldn’t endure it any longer.

I was about to make a payment,” she replied darkly

The shop attendant laughed mockingly. “You want to make a payment? Have you seen the price tag of this shirt? Are you sure that you can afford 117” she sneered.

“So? Is there a rule on the price tag that says | can’t buy it?” Arielle’s gaze was as cold as ice.

Seeing Arielle’s dark stare, the shop attendant flinched in terror. She hasuch cold glare.

The shop attendant gave Arielle another once over. Despite Arielle’s simple outfit, there was an aura of elegance that radiated from her figure. Her distinguished temperament was not one that a commoner would haveHave offended a renownecustomer?

The shop attendant was so scared that she was at a loss for words.

Right at that moment, Yvette made her way over to the duo. “What’s happening here? Where are the new clothes you promised to show me?”

The shop attendant snapped out of her daze. “No… there was a misunderstanding.” she explained”Are you really going to pay?” the shop attendant asked Arielle hesitantly.

What else would I do? Did you think that I was going to steal your clothes when there are so many surveillance cameras around?” Arinile frowned in displeasure.

*T-Then please go ahead,” the shop attendant stuttered and gulped nervously when she spotted the scowl across Arielle’s face.

It’s you?” Yvette blurted out all of a sudden,

Arielle turned towards Yvette. Simultaneously, the two women locked gazes.

“Yes, it’s me. How are you, Ms. Actonward?” Arielle replied calmly

Immediately. Yvette looked amused. “I never expected that the distinguished Ms. Arielle would be mistaken as a shoplifter. Wouldn’t you be the laughing stock of town if someone finds out about this mistake? However, I can see why she viewed you as a thief. After all, you came from a lowly village. Why don’t I buy this shirt for you? Come, put this shirt on my tab.” Yvette sneered as she Instructed the shop attendant.

The shop attendant was a quick thinker. In the blink of an eye, she realized Arielle’s high status. Additionally, she could see the hostility that Yvette wielded towards Arielle.

She beamed, “Ms. Actonward, you are as kind as ever. Let me pack this shirt for you.” The shop attendant then turned to Arielle.

You don’t have to do that. I will pay for the shirt with my own money.” Arielle replied impassively She had no wish to argue aqainst Yvoite’s посkегу.

Because of Arielle’s words in the past, Yvette Harbored a strong hatred for Arielle.

Upon seeing that Arielle had no plans to entertain her, Yvette dropped her facade in the blink of an eye. I changed my mind. I want to buy this shirt.” Yvette announced in a cold voice.

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