Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 75

Chapter 75


Vin? Why are you here?” Harvey explained in astonishment.

Vinson cleared his throat. “Coincidentally, I was on the way. I thought that I’d pick you up.”

I can drive myself there. Why don’t you go ahead? I’m sending Ms. Moore to the shopping mall. I’ll be there in a jiffy.”

“Can’t you walk such a short distance alone?” Vinson gave Arielle a cold stare.

A deep scowl graced Arielle’s forehead upon his brusque wordsHmust have been a saint in his past life. How on earth does Vinson have friends whehe’s so shorttempered?

Arielle pouted before she turned towards Harvey with a smile. “Go ahead; I can walk over myself. You don’t have to send me off.”


“Stop dallying! Let’s go!” Vinson urged again.

Vinson exited the car and dragged Harvey in. Next, he shoved his own assistant out of the car.

Arielle looked at Vinson with confusion. “What’s the matter? Can’t you go shopping with another person? Why must Harvey be the one who sends you there?” Vinson replied nonchalantly,

“No… I don’t need anyone to ”

Before Arielle could finish her sentence, Vinson ordered the driver to start the car

The car sped off into the distance, leaving Arielle and the assistant behind

Vinson’s assistant had a personality that was a stark contrast to Vinson himself. The assistant wore a bright smile and a cheerful demeanor.

“Ms. Moore, it is an honor to keep you company whilst you shop. What brands are you looking at?” The assistant glanced at Arielle as he spoke.

Arielle returned his gaze with a sharp and cold look

Under her glare, the tone of his voice dropped until it was as soft as a mouse.

In the end, the assistant coughed awkwardly. “1 won’t interrupt your shopping. I’ll follow after you to ensure your safety,” he said.

“I said that I don’t need someone to keep me company. You should find Vinson or return to the company. I wish to shop alone,” she insisted.

Seeing Arielle’s insistence, the assistant left in a


The enormous shopping mall located opposite the restaurant was called Sunway Mall. Despite its Size, there weren’t many people in the mall that day as it was a weekday.

The few customers wandering around the mall were mostly rich wives or mothers with their children

The moment Arielle stepped foot into Sunway Mall, she felt a prickling sensation across her skin It felt like someone was watching her.

Immediately. Arielle whipped her head around. However, there wasn’t anyone there only the occasional customer who crossed the path behind her: Was it just my imagination?

Arielle turned around again. She looked around and walked into a clothing store that caught her eye due to the beautiful clothes on display,

The moment Arielle stepped foot into the store, the shop attendant hurried over to greet her. Yet, the friendliness in her eyes vanished the moment she caught sight of Arielle’s simple clothing. “You are free to look around as you please. However, no touching is allowed,” the shop attendant said rudely

“How am I supposed to know the material if I can’t touch the clothes?” Arielle frowned.

The shop attendant clicked her tongue impatiently. “This is Feature. Don’t you know all of our clothes are made out of high-quality cotton and linen? Naturally, the prices of these clothes are expensive, starting at five digits figure. If you are uncomfortable with the pricing, you should visit other shops.”

When she was overseas, Feature was a clothing brand that Arielle wore often. The clothes felt extremely comfortable when wom Additionally, the designer was a friend of hers.

For the sake of her friend and the comfort of the clothes, Anielle ignored the shop attendant’s scorn. She continued to choose the clothes in earnest. Since it’s Feature, I don’t have to touch the material. I just have to pick a style that catches my

The shop attendant scowled when she noticed that Arielle refused to leave. She even has the audacity to continue shopping! Her canvas shoes look so dirty and ugly. How dare she even step foot into the store! How bold!

The shop attendant ridiculed Arielle in her thoughts as she trailed after Arielle. It looked like she was afraid that Arielle would steal the clothes.

However, Arielle was someone who wasn’t easily intimidated by such rude attendants. Despite being aware of the negative thoughts that the shop attendant harbored towards her, Arielle maintained her calm composure. She remained unbothered and continued to pick the clothes at her own pace. AnywayInot here to bring the shop attendant homeI‘m here to buy some clothes.

Right at that moment, a high-pitched yet familiar voice echoed from the entrance. “Hey, have the new seasonal pieces arrived yet? Do you have the shirt that I reserved during my last visit?”

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