Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 74

Chapter 74

After a long moment, Arielle finally responded, “Thank you. Frankly, relationship matters are at the bottom of my priority list. I’m sorry, but I have countless issues to deal with.”

Immediately, Harvey’s bright gaze dimmed with disappointment. His joy seemed to deflate like balloon pierced with a needle

Yet, he regained his composure in the blink of an eye. “It’s all right. I understand this confession must have taken you by surprise as I said it without warning. Can we remain friends? I won’t tell anyone that we have met overseas. Today is the first day we’ve met.” Harvey forced a smile to mask his sorrow.

“H-L…don’t even want to make new friends. However, thank you for your offer,” Arielle replied after a moment of hesitation.

“What are you planning? Why do you need to conceal your identity and avoid any romanceYou can’t even make new friends?” Harvey asked Suspiciously.

Arielle averted her gaze guiltily. “I’m handling some private matters…”

Harvey sensed that Arielle’s mood had dropped. Immediately, he apologized profusely. “I’m sorry, I’ve overstepped my boundaries. I shouldn’t have pestered you with so many questions. However, you can contact me anytime if you need help. No matter the situation, I will help you.”

“Thank you,” Arielle beamed her reply.

On the other hand, Vinson was feeling frustrated when he received a phone call from Carter

“Vin, we managed to capture one of the men frori the gang that tried to assassinate the two of you when you were overseas.”

“Where is he?” Vinson raised a brow when he heard Carter’s statement.

“He’s in my car. I’ll bring him over. It will probably take half an hour before we reach Jadeborough. He was stranded at sea for nearly a month and that has taken a toll on his mental health.”

“Got it. Send him to Harvey’s residence. We will head there,” Vinson ordered after a brief moment of pause.


Vinson was in great spirits after Carter’s call. Quicklyhe called Harvey.

After all his efforts, Harvey finally managed to get past Arielle’s defenses. Just as they were about to start a conversation about the issues overseas, Vinson’s call came in.

Harvey declined the call swiftly and planned to continue the conversation. Yet, his phone rang once again as Vinson called him for a second time.

Harvey couldn’t help but feel frustratedVinson is the kind who keeps to himself and never gets into a relationship. But why is he ruining it for me?

*Please excuse me while I answer this call” Harvey said with an apologetic smile

Finally, Harvey rose to his feet and strode towards the window to answer the call. “Vin, why are you calling me right now? Can’t you wait-” Harvey snapped impatiently.

“Where are you?” Vinson interjected before Harvey could finish talking

“I’m at the Irushean restaurant located opposite the shopping mall near my home. What do you want?”

“We captured the assassin who tried to murder us. My men are bringing him to your house right now. You should come right away!”

“Shouldn’t we deal with such matters at the Thernis Mansion?” Harvey jolted in shock.

“It’s not convenient for me to go there right now. Hurry up and come over!” Vinson continued in an urgent tone

“But I’m still in the middle of my meal…” Harvey mumbled.

Vinson hung up before Harvey finished his

“This bästard,” Harvey cursed under his breath

When he whirled around, he found that Arielle had packed her things into her purse, waiting for him patiently.


“Go ahead, you don’t have to worry about me.” Arielle cut him off before he could continue.

“Let me send you back. Harvey added in a hurry.

“It’s all right.” Arielle refused his offer politely. “I noticed a shopping mall opposite. I want to go for a walk and get some clothes.

Henrick had assigned her countless tasks yesterday, he also asked her to enhance her appearance. It’s impossible that Cindy will help me purchase any clothes.should look around the shopping mall and find something before head back

“You want to head to the shopping mall?” Harvey asked.

Arielle nodded her head. In response, Harvey smiled at her. “All right, take your time. You can contact me if you need anything.”

“Okay.” Arielle replied in puzzlement when she noticed his smile. On the other hand, she did not take Harveys words to heart.

After all, Arielle didn’t like bothering others,

They both descended to the ground floor. Just as Harvey was about to send Arielle oll, – black pulleup in front of the duo

The car window rolled down to reveal Vinson’s handsome face

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