Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 73

Chapter 73

Vinson was extremely certain that Arielle w hot say yes


Yet, in the next second..

“Sure! I happen to have something that I want to

Vinson immediately frowned.

She actually agreed? There’s even something that she wants to say to him? What gives? Whiar common topic do they possibly have? it’s their first time meeting each other!

Vinson could no longer contain himself. He approached Arielle and warned her intentionally Ariellethere’s one more shot tomorrow. Watch your diet. Don’t consume any junk and allect your performance tomorrow.”

Before Arielle could answer Harvey chimed in, *Don’t worry, Vin, the CEO. Rest assured that I won’t treat her to any junk food that will pose an adverse effect on her work tomorrowWe’ll have a healthy diet, all right?”

With a darkened face, Vinson muttered, “It’s up to you.” Then, he left.

The perplexed Harvey stared at his back and grumbled, “This fellow…”

“What’s wrong?” Arielle asked, “Did you guys have any prior arrangement?”

“Yeah, initially, he wanted to gather with a few friends because he has no plans today. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. We have plenty of chances to meet up anyways.”

“I see. Shall we go?”

“Let’s go! What would you like to have?”

Sitting in his car, Vinson witnessed the two of them chatting happily as they boarded their vehicle. Subconsciously, Vinson tightened his grip on the documents in his hand.

His assistant, who was at the driver’s seat held his breath as the air was as thick as butter and the tension so thick one could cut it with a knife.

After half an hour, they arrived at an Italian restaurant.

Arielle and Harvey sat opposite each other, enjoying some delicious pasta.

She ate hastily and then went straight into the topic. “Mr. J*****r, I need to tell you something…”

He put down his fork and interrupted her words. Are you trying to hide your identity abroad from everyone else?”

Stunned, she nodded. “I have my reasons. So, do you mind pretending that you don’t know me when we meet in the future? Nothing like today shall ever happen again.”

Arielle articulated her intention calmly, but firmly. An unfathomable coldness layered her tone, making Harvey feel like she was keeping himn at arm’s length

It was exceptionally hard for him to take it. He felt his throat tightened at that moment.

As an assertive man, he was a hundred percent sure that everything would go as planned under his control. His self-assurance came from his excellent family background as well as his outstanding abilities.

When he was in the army, he was a marvelous soldier. In the business sector, he remains a competitor that others revered.

The Jupiters were one of the most prominent families in Jadeborough. He could basically command anyone to do anything as he wishes within a snap of his finger.

However, he felt like a hopeless small fry in front of Arielle.

Harvey plastered a smile on his face. “Okay, I understand. You can rest assured that no one else will know that you’re San. But… can I get to know you as Arielle?”

Tilting her head, she had a bad hunch about where he was going with that. “What do you mean?”

He took a deep breath and plucked up the courage to make a confession. “Ms. Moore, I like you and I

want to date you!”

Arielle was dumbfounded, “You…”

His chiseled face blushed like a tomato. Clenching his fists, he continued, “I’m not a sophisticated person because I grew up in the army with my parents. So, I don’t usually beat around the bush. I’m always straightforward about my intentions.”

That was not the first time someone had confessed to Arielle, but it was definitely her first experience at an abrupt one.

She was at a loss for words, allowing Harvey to continue speaking.

He took a generous sip of the wine before continuing, “I can’t forget how you saved my life. You’ve got no idea how attracted I am to a herold and cool girl like you. Since that very day, I’ve been looking for you. At first, I thought that I just wanted to repay you for your kindness. Then, as time goes by, I realized that I really like you.”

She gazed at him quietly, overwhelmed by his sincerity and anxiousness.

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