Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 72

Chapter 72

La and behold, Vinson handled the last scene superbly well, it went way beyond the directors expectations. When the camera zoomed in, Virson looked deeply into Arielle’s eyes as if she was the goddess that he truly adored and loved.lt was unbelievably reall

“Cut” The director walked away from the monitor feeling smug. He clapped his hands and complimented the duo. “I’mn so impressed with Ms. Sannie’s sensitivity toward the camera while you, Mr. Nightshire-your acting blew my mind away! You’re so talented. It’s such a waste that you’re not considering to enter the show business….

Vinson found his comment ridiculous.

What acting skillsAn I did was accepted a cup of coffee, took a sip, and then stared at Arielle in the eyes. There wasn‘t even a line uttered. Were there any skills required?

Yet, he kept his thoughts to himself and listened to the director’s praise. He merely asked, “Is that all to the shoot?”

The director nodded his head. “Yes, yes, it’s a wrap! You guys are excellent. That one take was simply perfect!”

Upon hearing that, Vinson creased his forehead disapprovingly

Aren’t kissing scenes necessary in romantic dramas when the lead actor and actress became a couple? Why didnget a chance to even hold Arielle’s

Looking glum, Vinson ordered, Tack up and leave immediately since the filming is over. Get ready for tomorrow’s shoot.”

The director hesitated. “The shoot tomorrow requires an office building as the location Unfortunately, we haven’t found a suitable one to date. Hence, we might see a delay in the Schedule.”

Vinson was never bothered about petty operational matters. He simply murmured in acknowledgment and walked toward Harvey “Let’s go! We’re done here. Since there’s nothing on my schedule today, let’s call up Jordan for a meal together.”

“I’ll take a rain check…” Harvey rejected. “You guys go ahead. I want to treat Ms. Moore to a meal.”

Vinson’s face instantly turned solemn at his words. He felt somewhat irritated-the same uncontrollable feelings he had when he heard that Harvey fell in love with Arielle at first sight.

He tried taking a deep breath to maintain his composure. “You can save it. From my limited understanding about her, she won’t go out to a meal with you so easily.”

Harvey shrugged his shoulders. “Ill never know if I don’t give it a shot.”

He looked forward to asking her out.

In fact, he had been waiting lor this moment for

With his arms folded across his chest, Vinson let out a skin-deep grin “Well, good luck!ibt you won’t succeed.”

He thought he knew a lair bit about Arielle. Though she appears to be obedient and good-natured in front of Henrick, she’s actually a sly fox that bites.

For someone as shvewd as a fox, would she go out with a man wrion she’s just met for the first time?

Vinson was as confident with his assumption as he was with Arielle’s personality

Right then, Arielle walked out.

She had removed her make-up and put on a plain white t-shirt and a pair of faded jeans.

Typically, lighter colors were known to make people look plump. However, that was not the case for Arielle. The jeans actually accentuated her figure and her pair of long legs, in a way that made people gawk.

Harvey strode toward her. “Ms. Moore.”

Arielle had quite a good impression of Harvey. She Smiled at him and replied, “Mr. J*****r, thank you for getting us this place as the filming set.”

Harvey shook his head. “Don’t mention it. Vin and I are like brothers, so this is nothing. By the way, are

you free? I heard from your assistant that this is your last shot of the day?”

“Yup, I’m going home, and have a good rest.”

Harvey checked his walch, “Since you’re not rushing to go anywhere and it’s already noon… May I have the pleasure of treating you to lunch?”

Vinson stood neartw and envegdonned

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