Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 71

Chapter 71

Upon noticing how Vinson cringed and furrowed his brows, Harvey recalled that Vinsch was a clean

Immediately, Harvey gestured as he said, “Forget it. Hl ask him to get a new set.”

Before Harvey could reach for the phone, Vinson stopped him and uttered casually, “It’s okay, Let me do it.”

Hearing that, Harvey grinned. “You’re the best bro ever! With you lending it to me, we can save a lot of time.”

“Who said you can borrow mine?” Vinson narrowed his eyes.

Harvey was perplexed.

Then, Vinson stated indifferently, “Since you don’t have the right clothes, use me as the model then, After all, it’s my own commercial.”

Harvey stared at Vinson in surprise and questioned, “I thought you loathed putting yourself in the limelight? It is a global commercial we’re talking about. You know that, right?”

“So?” Vinson replied with a blank face.

So? This is sunike Vinson’s personality to agree to something like this.

Equally balfled, the director tried to confirm what he had heard, “Mr. Nightshire, are you sure you

Finally, he could not tolerate it anymore. Pretending to be upset, he glared al Arielle. “What on earth are you staring at?”

Arielle glimpsed at him and smirked in the most disdainful manner.

Just as I’ve predicted, he’s such a demanding person. He doesnt even allow people to look at howTi.

Vinson caught her contemptuous expression Have always been mistaken that she adores me? Why is she grimacing at me?

That expression of hers ticked Vinson off, but there was no way for him to release his anger. He could only clenchi his jaw to suppress his Emotions

When the director had finished giving his advice, it was time for the two to rehearse.

As expected, the take was just perfect.

*These two are like a match made in heaven!” As soon as Iris exclaimed, someone stared daggers at her.

She traced the gaze and caught Harvey looking away

His sudden action left Iris confused.

Hmm? Disee it wrongly? I’m pretty sure it was a death stare. But why would it come from Mr. J*****r?

While Iris was still trying to fiqure out an answer to her question, Arielle had begun shooting for her SCENE.

With a cup of coffee in her hand, Arielle approached the hostile Vinson

The latter did not even need to act as he had always been wearing an icy cold attitude toward everyone.

However, the director was worried about the last scene where Vinson had to stare at Arielle affectionately,

He thought it would be quite a challenge for Vinson to do that.

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