Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 70

Chapter 70

Vinson’s gaze landed on Arielle. This isnt the first

When Hwyldumed he had fallen in love with her at first sight, anger swelled up in my hart ! nearly couldnt control my frustralia

I’ve always been good ar keeping my emotions in check

“Vinson!” Anelle’s voice pulled him out of his ΓΓΕΓΙe.

He swiftly regained his senses and released Arielle’s hand.

At once, he spotted Arielle’s wrist had reddened from his light grasp. It was about to swell into a bruise

Why is her skin so delicate?

Guilt rose in Vinson’s heart as he put up a calm front. “I haven’t decided how I shall repay your favor. But before I come up with something you can’t get involved with another man.”

Arielle’s frown deepened.

“What are you talking about? When have I ever gotten involved with another man? Also, why are you still talking about the favor? That was just a

Alas, Vinson ignored her and spun on his heels to leave. His delt action crated a breeze that sent

her hair flying.

“He must be crazy!” Arielle massaged her wrist and muttered angrily

Tironder where he got his bad temper from!

Shortly after the shoot began.

It went on smoothly until the director decided to add another scene at the very end.

“After the princess fell in love with Soir Coffeecoffee, she gives a cup of coffee to the indifferent prinde. The prince gets attracted to her because o the coffee, and they live happily ever after!” the director declared excitedly. “If we add this scene, the commercial will be perfect!”

Anlelle forced a smile. “The prince fell in love with the princess because of a cup of coffee? Won’t that be too illogical?”

The director shook his head. “There is no logic in fairytales. Otherwise, the prince wouldn’t have found Cinderella with just a pair of crystal slippers. There are plenty of girls of the same size but why did he succeed anyway?”

Arielle was rendered speechless.

The director had a point, so she couldn’t refute

Iris, who was standing beside them delivered a blow. Where can we find an actor to act as the prince at this last minute?”

The director was stumpeul.

Yes, Arielle was so gorgeous she could pass off as a modern fairytale princess. They couldn’t just qut any random actor to act as the prince as it would ruin the whole shoot.

Right then someone spoke up. “Let me do it.”

Turning at he shoulder in astonishrnent, Arielle Saw Harvey coming over to them, clad in a black Casual outfit

He came to a stop a meter away from Arielle and told the director. Thave nothing to do, so I can take up the role. What do you think?”

Harvey was tall and well-built. With his thick brows, manly features, and mixed ancestry, he semed like the perfect prince charming.

His muscular body and tanned skin scored him extra points, too.

On, he’s a hunki

The director’s eyes lit up with delight.

ican cast a handsome man and a stunning woman, my commercial will be a blast!

He immediately nodded, “That’s brilliant! But we need to get you suitable clothes. The outfit you have on is too casual. A suit would be perfect.”

As Harvey was born into a military family, he rarely

wore suits unless it was formalment

Harvey was momentarily lost. He glanced around and noticed Vinson standing aside silently Arching his brow in delight, he exclared, “Ah, got it Vin, I need to borrow your suit.”

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