Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 69

Chapter 69

He swiftly regained his compare and uttered icily: “What do you mean by that? I’m just concerned about the ambassador and the shoot. I would also be concerned if the ambassador happened to be someone else. Is that a problem?

This time, it was Harvey who scanned Vinson

However, as Vinson didn’t even flinch, he failed to find a crack in his friend’s facade.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Harvey announced, “Since you don’t care for her, I’ll be frank. I fell in love with your ambassador at first sight. I’m going to court her.”

Immediately, Vinson’s head snapped up as a gleam flashed across his eyes.

He masked his emotions into an expressionless facade in an instant though he had no idea why he did so instinctively.

Harvey was staring at his castle, so he didn’t see the change in Vinson’s gaze.

A warm smile flitted across his lips. “It’s rare to fall in love at first sight. My friend, if you don’t mind, I shall take action. Don’t add that stupid clause of stopping her from getting a boyfriend. An Overbearing contract like this should be abolished years ago,”

Vinson replied coolly, “Harvey, I picked her to be the ambassador, so she’s mine. You know how

protective l am. If you’re just looling around, get someone else. There are plenty of women whold fulfill your fantasies in the club. They are willing, and you can do whatever you want without ruining your family’s memputation.”

Harvey gave Vinson a displeased stare. “Do you think I’m Jordan? I’m going to court her sincerely and date her with marriage as my end goal. I was bom into a military family, so I don’t fool around with women. I’m serious.”

Vinson’s frown deepened,

“Do you even know what she’s like? Love at first sight rarely ends up well.”

Harvey chuckled. “Don’t worry. I’m a good judge of character. We will get along well. Besides, we shall know if we are a perfect match after we try it out.”

Vinson fell silent.

After a while, he spoke up. “Whatever!”

With that, he stormed into the castle.

Inside the castle, Arielle was preparing for her shoot.

It was a different concept from the shoot at Soir Coffee. This time, she was to act as a princess, so she had to put makeup on.

The makeup artist was used to Arielle’s skin and features. She put on light but stunning makeup for

the latter. After the job was doner, even the makeup artist herself was mesmerized by how Arielle was

“Are you done?” Iris broke the silence, “Why didn’t the fairy inform the mortal world prior to her

Everyone in the room burst out laughing as they Smapped out of their trance.

Right then, someone pushed the door to the dressing room open.

Bang! Everyone looked at the door instinctively and saw Vinson striding in his expression grim.

As he had an imposing aura, no one dared to look at him and hurriedly lowered their heads.

Arielle parted her lips to ask, “What’s the matter?”

Looat hogrin his. Is he trying to scare someone?

Vinson swept his icy gaze across everyone. “Get out. I need to talk to the arnbassador in private.”

The rest immediately scuttled out without a word.

Standing up from her chair, Arielle met Vinson’s gaze and repeated, “What’s the matter?”

The next moment, Vinson took her hand,

Arielle gasped in pain and tried to struggle, but the


rely tightened his grip.

Giving him a furious stare, Arielle demanded, Vinson, are you crazy?”

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