Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 68

Chapter 68

The owner of the castlis the man l bumped intlast night?

When Arielle stopped talking, Harvey finally saw what she looked like. Arching his brows, his expression softened immediately.

He stepped forward excitedly and exclaimed, “San? Is it you?”

Arielle stretched her hand out. “Hello, I’m Arielle Moore.”

She didn’t want others to find out she used to reside overseas and went by the name “San.”

Harvey gave her a surprised look before noticing she was frowning and shaking her head slightly. Immediately, he corrected himself. “Hello there, I’m Harvey J*****r. You look like a friend of mine who’s overseas, so I nearly made a mistake. Sorry for that!”

He shook her hand warmly as though this was the first time they’ve ever met.

Arielle flashed a grin. “It’s fine. I have a common face, so it’s normal for you to get the wrong person. I have to apologize for being late and delaying the shoot, though.”

“It’s fine! You can have the castle for yourselves today. If you like it, you can stay here for a few days. No, you can stay for as long as you like.”

“No need. I have a house.”

But my house is desolate and full of traps.

Vinson’s brows furrowed in displeasure upon hearing their exchange.

He stepped forward and stood between them. friend you met overseas? I thought you don’t have any female friends?” he demanded coolly.

Harvey took one look at him and explained, “She’s a business partner who resembles Ms. Moore.”

Vinson glared at him. “Stop it. That’s such an old fashioned pickup line. Besides, our contract stated that the ambassador isn’t allowed to date as long as the contract is valid.”

Arielle was stunned. “Is that condition in our contract?”

“No,” answered Vinson with his chin stuck up. “But I’m going to add it in. You represent Soir Coffee, so I won’t allow you to date some crazy man and affect Soir Coffee’s reputation.”

“Hey! This is unreasonable”

Vinson interrupted, “Didn’t you just apologize for being late? It’s late, so we should start shooting now. Stop wasting time.”

Arielle was puzzled. Why did he get mad all of suddendon‘t understand whhis mood can fluctuate so easily

Til head in now.” Arielle stormed away. Suddenly.

she turned and tossed the blazer on her shoulder back to Vinson before leaving with a visibly trembling Iris.

Grabbing the blazer in his hand, Vinson lifted his leg to go after them.

However, Harvey stood in his way.

Glancing at Harvey, he asked, “What is it?”

The impatience and agitation in Vinson’s gaze were evident.

Why is he this impatient?

After a few seconds of silence, Harvey asked, “Vin, are you keeping a secret from us?”

Knitting up his brows, Vinson narrowed his gaze and scanned Harvey carefully. “I should be the one asking this question. I thought you find women annoying? Why did you try to hit on her today?”

Harvey shook his head and denied it. “I didn’t try to hit her up. It’s because I’ve gotten the wrong person. You on the other hand, find women annoying. Why are you so concerned about Ms. Moore, huh?”

Vinson’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down awkwardly

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