Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 65

Chapter 65

Arielle’s cheeks heated up. She covered her nose and let out an embarrassed cough before saying,

I shall take a hot shower then.”

After returning to the country, she didn’t work out every day. As she had also suffered on the uninhabited island back then, her body wasn’t as strong as before.

Vinson’s lips curled up subconsciously when he saw how awkward Arielle was.

The moment he realized he was smiling, he hurriedly pursed his lips.

Soon, they arrived at the nearest hotel, which happened to be owned by Nightshire Group.

As Vinson had his personal suite in every hotel under Nightshire Group, he brought Arielle straight to the presidential suite on the top floor of the hotel.

“They will deliver your clothes soon. I’ll wait for you outside,” he announced as he made himself comfortable on the couch with a tablet in his hands.

His brows were knitted up as he clicked on the tablet in all seriousness as though work was troubling him.

Arielle never expected that Vinson would stay right here.

She felt extremely uncomfortable. This was the

first time someone of the opposite s*x was in the room while she took a shower.

Still, as Vinson was clearly busy working, it was unreasonable for her to express her discomfort.

At that thought, Arielle spun on her heels and entered the bathroom without a word.

She had no idea Vinson was clicking randomly on his tablet and only snapped back to reality when an input error message popped up on the screen

Heaving a breath, he lit a cigarette before inhaling deeply. After a few puffs, he finally managed to tamp down his irritation.

Suddenly, the sound of running water came from the bathroom

“D**n it,” cursed Vinson. He rose to his feet hastily and headed out.

At the door, he bumped into the assistant, Iris, who was holding a bag of clothes.

She immediately greeted him timidly. “M-Mr. Nightshire”

Vinson glanced at her and inquired, “Were you the one who called me?”

Iris nodded nervously

When she saw how Serena told Arielle to shoot

the rain scene countless times, she recalled what the person in charge of Soir Coffee told her and made the call

To her shock, Vinson was the one who arrived at the scene

Vinson was saying, “You don’t have to return to Nightshire Entertainment anymore as you’ll be working with Arielle from now on.”

Iris was shocked. “Mr. Nightshire, are you dismissing me?”

Vinson was confused. “Huh? From today onward, you’ll be working under Nightshire Group, but your job scope will remain the same. Give me a call if you come across a problem you can’t solve.”

He whipped out his name card from his pocket and gave it to her. “Here’s my contact number.”

Utterly delighted, she thanked him profusely. “Thank you so much, Mr. Nightshire!”

“Don’t just keep my name card. If I find out she‘s being mistreated, you shall be fired.”

“Yes! I’ll take care of Ms. Moore!” Iris promised earnestly

“Well then. You can head in now. I’ll be waiting in the lobby.”

“Yes, Mr. Nightshire!”

Tris hopped into the suite happily

She knew that Arielle was her only hope. If Arielle succeeded, she would succeed as well. Otherwise, she would end up being the second Serena,

Meanwhile, Arielle was done with her shower. Her clothes were wet and she couldn’t put them on. Uneasily, she wrapped a towel around herself.

Vinson said the clothewill be here soon, but I don’t hear any commotion out there.

Should go ouwrapped in the towel?

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