Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 64

Chapter 64

Serena was only five feet away from Vinson. In no time, his bodyquards ruthlessly blocked her like an iron wall.

“Let go off me! I need to talk to Mr. Nightshire!”

The bodyquards were like a robot, looking at her expressionlessly

Serena stood weakly to the spot. She turned her head and looked behind, hoping someone could step forward and speak up for her.

However, when she looked back, she realized that everyone was looking at her indifferently. Some of them even gloated over her in disdain.

Bang! The car door closed.

Serena turned around. All she could do was to watch Vinson getting in the car without turning back

The door was slammed shut. All her hopes were gone.

Her life was completely ruined…

Serena’s tears streamed down her face, but no one pitied her.

At that moment, she finally understood the true feeling of regret.

She shouldn’t have stopped the project manager from entering the CEO’s office. Then, she wouldn’t

have been demoted to the coffee shop,

If she hadn’t been demoted, she wouldn’t have been banned by the entire industry…

However, it was too late for regrets. There was no use crying over spilled milk.

Meanwhile, inside the black MPV, Vinson said, “Go

to a hotel nearby.”

“Yes.” His assistant responded. After that, he immediately rolled up the partition screen, separating the car into two different worlds.

Arielle was brought into the car all the way by Vinson. She couldn’t see anything.

At that moment, Vinson was still wrapping his arms around her waist.

After getting in the car, she finally remembered to free herself from Vinson’s hands.

She moved aside to escape from his arms. Then, she reached out her hands to take away the jacket on her head.

Finally, her world was lit up again. Subconsciously, she squinted her eyes because her eyes couldn’t adapt to the light for a moment.

Vinson looked at his empty hands. He could still feel the warmth of Arielle’s body on his hands.

Arielle’s waist was indeed slender.

No man could refuse a slender waist.

His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down in his throat

Vinson thought he had not much interest in women. He thought all he cared about was his career

But at that moment, he suddenly realized that he was probably just a normal human being.

“Thank you.” Her eyes had finally adapted to the light. Hence, she turned to look at Vinson and expressed her gratitude.

But when she turned her head, she saw Vinson Spacing out as he stared at his hands. He seemed to be in a daze. Arielle didn’t know what he was thinking

Is there anything on his hand?

Arielle looked at him curiously. Suddenly, she noticed Vinson’s hands were wet because of the water on her body.

“Ah… I’m sorry.” Arielle hurriedly took out a piece of tissue and tried to wipe off the water for him.

All of a sudden, Vinson pulled his hands back like he had been electrocuted. His gaze darkened. “What are you doing?”

Arielle raised the tissue innocently. “Im helping you to wipe off the water…”

“There’s no need for it.”

Vinson averted his eyes coldly. Then, he turned his gaze to look outside the car window.

Arielle was confused about why was he losing his temper so suddenly

But she suppressed the confusion in her heart Since Vinson had fired Serena for her previously. She gently said, “Thank you so much. I think those clips that we shot earlier are good enough. We could definitely use some of them. Should we head straight for the outdoor shooting? Or… If you have something else to take care of you can just drop me off at the roadside. My assistant will come and pick me up.

Upon hearing her words, Vinson turned around.

He looked at Arielle from head to toe. He immediately frowned when he saw her pale lips,

“How are you going to film with this condition?”

Arielle lowered her head and took a look at herself in confusion. She then asked, “This condition? What do you mean?”

“Take a warm shower before you go for the shooting. Our company is not that harsh. I will not allow our brand ambassador to fall sick because of a shooting.”

“T-There’s no need for it. It’s fine.” Arielle quickly rejected

She was indeed feeling cold. She was chilled to the bone

However, she thought her health condition was not bad. She just needed to get herself changed and have some warm water. Then, she would be able to continue shooting.

Meanwhile, as soon as she spoke, she felt a little

tickle in her nose.


Arielle sneezed.

She covered her mouth immediately. You can carry on being stubborn and acting fough. She felt as though Vinson was trying to tell her those words just by looking in his eyes.

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