Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 63

Chapter 63

Serena glared fiercely at the director. “Are you the person in charge of me?”

“Uhm…” The director didn’t dare to voice out again. He looked at Arielle pleadingly.

Without uttering a single word, Arielle turned around and headed back to the coffee shop. Soon, she changed into a fresh pair of clothes and filmed again

She continuously did it for the second time and the third time…

Arielle had already lost count of how many clips that she had filmed. Eventually, she was running out of strength. Her lips turned from cherry-red to pearly-white

However, Serena clearly had no intentions of letting her go. Her expression had become increasingly insane.

“Again! You should run faster!”

Arielle remained silent and got changed.

The shooting had started once again. She pushed the door of the coffee shop. She ran two steps forward and a tall figure appeared in front of her

The figure had blocked Arielle’s path ahead. Thus, she hurriedly stopped in her tracks.

However, she staggered backward due to the slippery road. The umbrella in her hand fell onto

the ground

Arielle thought she would end up falling down like that umbrella. But, a strong hand held her waist and steadied her.

As soon as she balanced herself, she felt something blocking her view. A black jacket covered her head from the rain

That strong hand wrapped his arms around her waist tightly

W-Who is this?

She struggled instinctively to break free. Suddenly. she heard a deep and magnetic voice. “Turn off the rain machine! Stop filming!”

Isn’t that… Vinson?

She couldn’t help but stop struggling. In the next second, the sound of rain had stopped.

Artificial rain machine had been turned off.

Serena was shocked to see that scene from the monitor. Vinson rushed into the rain to stop Arielle and caught her in his arms. Her heart ached terribly. Then, the feeling of fear started in her brain and spread through her limbs.

Vinson and Arielle… What’s between them?

“Mr. Nightshire!” Someone broke the silence with a greeting. Then, everyone else chimed in and

greeted Vinson

Some of them unintentionally glanced at Serena when they saw Vinson holding Arielle in his arms

A chill ran down Serena’s spine. She felt as if she had fallen into an icy abyss.

I’m doomed… I’m totally screwed…

Who would have thought that Vinson would protect a brand ambassador?

Vinson held Arielle’s waist and walked towards a black MPV some distance away.

He strode forward. Suddenly, he stopped his footsteps when he passed Serena by.

Vinson’s gaze was as cold as a sharp blade, piercing through Serena. She immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

She dared not even look up. She wanted to bury her head in the sand so badly.

She didn’t know how much time had passed. Or perhaps, it was only a few seconds. Vinson left together with Arielle.

He didn’t say anything…

it was probably because Serena had previously been his assistant.

Apparently, Vinson and Arielle weren’t as close as

she thought

Phew! Thank goodness..

Serena felt as if she had been brought back to life Thus, she let out a long breath,

Then, she reached out and realized that a cold Sweat had broken out on her forehead.

However, in the next second, Serena heard Vinsons voice from the front. “Tell everyone! Every company under Nightshire Group is not allowed to hire her in the future!”

W-What? Is he talking about me?

Serena instantly snapped her head up and met Vinson’s dark eyes.

His eyes were sharp as a knife, showing no mercy to her.

If Nightshire Group announced that they would blacklist a person from working in the company forever, it actually meant that the other companies wouldn’t dare to hire her either.

She was being banned by the entire industry!

Serena’s legs gave out and fell onto the ground.

The road was wet due to the artificial rain. She looked miserable

How could this be? I was jusdoing my job. How

could Vinson van me without even asking anything? No way!

Serena struggled to get up from the ground and quickly ran towards Vinson.

“Mr. Nightshirel Hear me out! You cannot fire me without understanding the situation.”

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