Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 62

Chapter 62

Arielle nodded solemnly. After that, she reached out to push the door…

Serena smiled mockingly beside the photographer. She was waiting for Arielle to make a mistake.


Arielle pushed the door slightly with one hand and turned around to look at the photographer with a lovely smile.

Right at that moment, a breeze swept across and blew through Arielle’s hair. A wisp of hair rested on her lips and covered half of her eyes.

Click! With the camera shutter sound, a freeze frame shot was captured.

As soon as Serena heard the shutter sound, she immediately leaned over and asked the photographer without even looking at the photo. “How was it? Is it bad?”

The photographer froze when he looked at the camera. He was at loss for words for a moment.

Serena thought the photographer was shocked to See Arielle’s terrible expression and posture, immediately, she reprimanded her, “What are you doing it looks so unnatural. Stop being phony! Start over again!”

However, just as Serena finished speaking, the photographer regained his composure and hurriedly waved his hands. “No. There’s no need to retake. That was a good shot! Your movement and facial expression looked so natural. We will use this one!”

Serena was dumbfounded at that moment. “What are you talking.

The photographer excitedly handed her the camera. Serena’s brows knitted and looked at the screen. She saw a lady smiling brighter than the sun, turning around and stared at the camera, as if she was inviting her friends over to have a cup of

That wind put her hair into disarray at the perfect timing. She looked so gorgeous despite the messy häir. The picture gave a great sense of motion.

Serena tightened the grip as she held on to the Camera

H-How could this be? Is this an accident? The photographer captured the moment by chance. So, the picture is perfect?

Serena would definitely never admit that Arielle was actually competent in front of the camera.

She then took a deep breath. Serena wanted to say something but she was completely Speechless. In the end, she angrily returned the camera and said coldly. “That was barely qualified, Carry on with the shooting!”

Serena gritted her teeth in anger.

She didn’t believe that luck was on Arielle’s side all the time. She could be really lucky for the first time but it didn’t mean things would go perfectly smooth for her every single time.

It was impossible for a person who had no experience in filming to do it perfectly without making any mistake.

The last short video clip was supposed to be shot in the rain. Arielle would be acting as a waitress of Soir Coffee She had to open the door and put up an umbrella for her customer who was walking towards the coffee shop in the rain.

The photographer explained to Arielle. “This video clip is to reflect the customer service quality of Soir Coffee. Therefore, when you see a customer walking in the rain, you have to quickly run towards them”

The content was not complicated. The difficult part was the emotional expression.

She had to walk a fine line between being in a rush and being exaggerated.

Chapter 62

Arielle nodded. The got it.”

The filming started.

Arielle held an umbrella and hurriedly rushed towards her customer.

She managed to protect the customer from rain but half of her shoulder was soaking wet.

“Cut!” Both the film director and photographer were satisfied with her performance and applauded, “Very good! That was perfect!”

Finally, Arielle heaved a sigh of relief. It was half an hour earlier than the expected time to completion of the shooting.

Just as she was about to change out of her wet clothes, she heard Serena’s voice in the next second. “This clip is below acceptable. Reshooti”

Obviously, Serena was deliberately picking on Arielle. She frowned and looked at her. “Ms. Serena, our film director and photographer have just approved the clip.”

The director nodded and said, “Ms. Serena, that clip was already perfect. Her emotional expression is on point. There’s no need for a Teshoot.”

Serena Crossed her hands across her chest with her chin held high. “Im the person in charge of this shooting No means no.”

Arielle gave Serena a cold eyed stare.

Initially, she wanted to be friendly with her on the surface. But it seemed that she didn’t have to pretend anymore.

Arielle said. “Serena, if there’s anything I need to improve on the filming, please enlighten me. I’ll definitely film it all over again until you’re satisfied with the result. But if you were to make me reshoot for no reason, then please forgive me for not playing along with your unreasonable demands!”

Unreasonable? How dare thilittle b***h say those words to me? Believe it or not, I will make up excuses to replace her with someone else

Serena’s face turned grim in an instant. But she noticed the strange way that the other crew looked at her. She had no choice but to swallow her words.

Suddenly, an idea came to her mind. She thought of an excuse and said coldly, “It’s true that the clip was above average. However, I think there’s something to be improved on, in terms of content.”

“For example?”

“For example, you shouldn’t have put up the umbrella for yourself after pushing the door. Instead, you should run towards the customer in the rain and open the umbrella at the same time. It will make you look even more worried for your customer

“Ha…” Arielle couldn’t help laughing upon hearing Serena’s words.

Her intention was too obvious. She was trying to make Arielle film in the rain again.

With this sudden change in weather, and the temperature had even dropped a few degrees. The artificial rain made it even colder. Moreover, she was feeling especially cold as she was on her period. She would have caught a cold if she were to continue shooting in the rain

Serena had it all planned out.

“Whaare you laughing for? Are you just going to stand there and waste our time? Reshoot now!” Serena commanded with a domineering tone, providing no room for negotiation.

Serena was the person in charge of the shooting. Apart from that, she had given the reason why they need to reshoot. Hence, the production crew had no choice but to let Arielle film it once again.

The director cautiously persuaded, “Ms. Sannie, our person in charge… She is indeed demanding a little too much. But we’re running out of time. Perhaps… Could you perhaps do it?”

Arielle looked at the pleading expression on the director and photographer’s faces. She could have refused to listen to Serena’s orders. But if she rejected it, then the production crewouldn’t be able to complete their task.

Serena was looking carefully at the video over and over again from the monitor.

Not long after, Serena said, “No. Reshoot! Arielle, you purposely avoided the puddle of water just now. You shouldn’t do that. Instead, you should step into it. It will look more natural.”

The director couldn’t help but speak up for Arielle, “Ms. Serena, that… I don’t think that is necessary.”

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