Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 61

Chapter 61

Serena gave Arielle an evil look and said coldly, “Don’t waste time. Let’s start shooting!”

So what if she is pretty? Most importantly, she has To be natural and comfortable in front of a camera, Otherwise, she is just going to be a blockhead.

There were countless opportunities for Serena to drag Arielle’s time and make her lose money,

The outdoor shooting location was held at Themis Castle. It was an old ancient castle. It costed ten thousand per minute. She wanted Arielle to go bankrupt!

Ten thousand was an astronomical figure, especially for a girl who grew up in the countryside

Not long after, Serena put a cold smile on her face and gloated over Arielle.

The photographer was stunned for few seconds when he saw Arielle. He walked over to communicate with Arielle about the shooting content

“We will take some photos first before filming the video. The first scene is going to be at the entrance of the coffee shop. We will need you to push the door open, then look back and smile. That’s all for the first scene.”

“Sure.” Arielle smiled slightly. She followed behind the production crew and headed out.

Soir Coffee had a forest theme interior design. The storefront and signboard were all made out of antique elm wood. The shop was full of green plants, and vines were hanging on the door. From afar, it looked like a tree hollow in an anime instead of a coffee shop.

“Alright, Ms. Sanne. Let’s get started. You push the door, then turn around and smile at me.”

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