Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 59

Chapter 59

Arielle opened her mouth about to apologize, when her assistant spoke. “Tm sorry, Ms. Seren Ms. Moore isn’t the one at fault. There was a car accident earlier, so we were trapped in the traffic for quite a while. If not for it, we would’ve arrived half an hour earlier.”

However, Serena refused to accept the explanation. Instead, she uttered, “Then you should’ve left earlier. I’m sure you wouldn’t be late if you were to leave your place an hour earlier, right?”

The assistant, Iris, froze. She never thought the person in charge would be such a difficult person to deal with

Just as she was about to continue her explanation, Arielle reached out her hand to stop her. With a solemn expression, Arielle said, “Ms. Serena, regardless of everything. It’s wrong of me to have been late. Let me apologize to you and the rest of the staff.”

“Do you think an apology would be sufficient? Have you watched any shows? Do you think apologies can salvage everything? If you killed a man, do you think an apology would bring him back to life?”

At that, Arielle creased her forehead. By now, she knew the other woman was just picking a bone with her

Taking in a subtle deep breath, Arielle said, “Then I’ll be responsible for this. I’ll do my best to speed

up the shooting later. However, if we still spend more time that we’ve planned to alihe outdoor shooting, 11 pay the extra.”

Serena burst out laughing.

“Ms. Moore, are you being serious? As far as I kunow, you have zero ffilming experience. Before coming to Jadeborough, you only lived in a small village. Do you know what filming is? Filming isn’t the same as taking photos. You need to meld with the environment, the clothes, and the theme…”

Arielle interrupted, “Ms. Serena, if you keep this up. you’ll only waste more time. Since the outdoor location charges per minute, let’s not waste any more time and get into it.”

Serena’s expression darkened. She’s using my words agamst me

Annoyed, she huffed. “Till look forward to your shooting, then.”

Instead of answering her, Arielle headed to the dressing room to change her clothes

The first set of costumes was Soir Coffee’s employee outfit.

It was dark blue with a chef’s hat. Anyone else would look like an ordinary coffee shop employee in that outfit, but Arielle looked gorgeous in it.

It was as if she was born for fashion, any clothing fitted her well. No matter what she wore, others

Dould not tear their eyes off her.

The makeup artist gasped, “Ms. Samne, it’s such a waste that you’re not a model with a face like

Arielle smiled but said nothing to that. She had once been a model on an international catwalk but she had been wearing a mask back then.

However, upon walking out of the dressing room with her makeup. Serena frowned. “No coffee shop staff wears makeup. This will affect the taste of the coffee. Remove it right away!”

There were two reasons for Serena to say that. Arielle was too pretty and eye-catching, so she did not want the others to think that she was a flawless woman, she only wanted others to think that Arielle was unworthy of being Soir Coffee’s ambassador

The other reason was that she wanted to waste Arielle’s time so that Arielle would have to pay for the extra

Ever since she was demoted, she had been earning three times lesser than before. Hence, she had to make Arielle suffer with her.

Yet, Serena had forgotten that her arrogance and selfishness were the reason for her downfall.

After hearing her, Arielle quietly returned to get the makeup artist to remove her makeup

Meanwhile, Serena waited outside for Arielle to reappear with an ugly face. To her, Arielle’s beauty was too surreal, so Serena was sure that Arielle was only beautiful because of her makeup,

Once she removed her makeup, Serena Was certain that she would be nothing but an ugly witch

The more Serena thought about it, the more eager she was to look at the hideous Arielle

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