Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 58

Chapter 58

Right then, a young woman walked into the house and asked, “May I know if Ms. Shanne who’s filming today is ready to leave?”

When Shandie turned around, she spotted the young woman standing alone by the doorway

She must be calling Aricite

I knew it. She doesn’t need so many people just for commercial shooting.

Amused, she turned to Arielle and crowed, “Do you see her. Arielle? She’s the one who’s picking you up for your shooting. It seems like this is a major misunderstanding.”

However, in the next second, the young woman said, “Ms. Shandie Southall, is there a misunderstanding? I’m here to pick you up for the filming.”

The young woman had recognized Shandie

At that very moment, something exploded in Shandie’s mind

She stared at the young woman in disbelief before turning to look at the dozens of people in the living room

They’re reallall here to pick Arielle up for a Corritiercial shooting?

It’s just a commercial. Does she really need a crowd to take her there?

With a smile that did not quite reach her eyes, Arielle walked toward Shandie and muttered, “Shandie, a major misunderstanding indeed. Hurry along for your filming. Dont let the film crew all wait for you. I’ll go for my shooting too.”

With that said, she nodded at the group behind her before walking out of the house.

Promptly, the group followed her after a simultaneous respectful nod.

The anger that rose in Shandie’s chest made her shake.

Butch. A shameless butch!

Arielle’s shooting was located in Jadeborough’s largest Soir Coffee shop. The shop had yet to have its official opening, but the renovations were all completed.

When Arielle arrived at the scene, the others were all ready for the shooting.

After all, the higher-ups had told them to take good care of the ambassador as the CEO valued her greatly

Therefore, everyone treated her well.

However, there are always outliers.

“Is the ambassador here yet?” came a stern female voice

When Arielle looked over, she spotted a solenna woman walking over with a darkened expression,

Immediately, Arielle’s temporary assistant introduced, “Ms. Moore, she’s Serena Assange, the person in charge of our shooting. She used to be an assistant to the CEO, and she’s now in charge of the promotions of Soir Coffee. With her around, I’m sure the shooting would be smooth sailing.”

Arielle nodded and reached her hand out to Serena. “Hello, Ms. Serena, I’m Arielle, but you can call me Sannie. I look forward to working with you.”

However, instead of reaching out to shake her hand, Serena folded her arms and questioned, “Do you know what time our shooting is at?”

Arielle froze for a millisecond before replying. “Eight.”

“So it seems like you do know what time it’s meant to start.” Serena then pointed at her watch. “It’s already ten after eight. Were heading out for outdoor shooting as well, and the rental is calculated per minute. Do you know how much you have wasted?”

Serena made it seem as if she was being professional, but she actually despised Arielle.

if not for Arielle, she would not have been

transferred from the CEO’s office to become in charge of a trivial shooting

Moreover, she had taken everything to avoid getting dismissed from the company, she had pulled all of her strings to remain in Nightshire Group

This is all Anielle’s fault. Therefore, even if Arielle made a minor mistake, she would never let her off

Arielle sensed hostility radiating off the other woman.

However, this was the first time she had seen Serena, so Arielle could not understand why the other seemed to hold a grudge against her.

Amloverthinking this?

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