Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 57

Chapter 57

The assistant took a long while to recollect himself after the call.

Is there something wrong with my ears, or is there something wrong with Vinson’s head?

Could it be that he’s in love?

In that case… Who cares about the project worth hundreds of billions?

It’s more important to produce the next heir of the Nightshire Group

The next day arrived in a blink of an eye. Early in the morning, the housekeeper woke Arielle.

“Ms. Arielle, the people from Nightshire Group has arrived. It’s time to wake up.”

After finding out about Matthias and Cindy’s relationship the night before, Arielle’s mood was greatly lifted. For once, she had a good night’s sleep.

However, she was not grumpy about her sudden awakening. After rubbing her temples, she went to wash up

The moment she went down the stairs, she saw dozens of people standing around. Even the Spacious living room seemed cramped with them around

That many of ther?

Arielle could feel an oncoming headache. It’going to be a tiring shoot, isn’it?

Right as she was about to go down the stairs, footsteps from behind her traveled into her ears.

Turning around, she spotted Shandie walking toward her, an elegant makeup on her face.

On Shandie’s head were the two buns that Arielle wore the day before. However, it did not fit her like it fitted Arielle, as Shandie had a sharper face and longer eyes. Instead of looking cute, Shandie looked odd.

“Shandie,” Arielle greeted with a smile.

Henrick was dead drunk and Shandie knew he would not be waking until noon. Hence, Shandie saw no point in keeping up with the act. She rolled her eyes at Arielle before continuing her way down.

When her eyes landed on the dozens of people in the living room, they lit up.

The film crew had informed her that they would be sending someone over to pick her up, but Shandie never thought so many would be here for her.

It seems like Vinson‘s business card is quite a good carto use

knew itI‘m VinsonfriendEven Sam Sleight’s got to geon his knees and beg me tbin his shows.

See? I’m rightHe’s already displaying such a grangesture in picking me. I’m going to forgive hum for being so rude to me during thaudition

As she was in a much better mood after seeing the scene ithe living room, she turned around to say to Arielle, who she had ignored earlier, “Arielle, I heard you’re going for the filming too?”

Yes.” Arielle did not know why Shandie was concerning herself with her, but she nodded nonetheless.

The next thing she heard was Shandie’s pretentious and proud voice saying, “You don’t need to be too nervous. It’s quite simple to film promotional videos, unlike the movie I’m going to film today. I’m sure I’ll be exhausted by the end of it. All right, we’ll stop talking about it. Look, there are so many people waiting for me downstairs. I’ll go ahead first.”

Arielle froze, and that was when she realized Shandie must have misunderstood the situation.

She was about to speak when she saw Shandie turned and ran down the stairs. To those people, she said, “All right. I’m ready, so let’s head to the filming site now.”

Then, Shandie walked toward the door.

It only took her two steps before she realized something was amiss-no one was following her.

Casting a perplexed look behind, she saw the

people sharing a confused look with each other.

“What’s the matter? Are we not leaving now?”

Walking down the stairs, Arielle cleared her throat. “Shandie, you’ve misunderstood this. They’re here for me.”

Shandie was silent for a moment before she blurted out, “Are you kidding me?”

It’s just a commercial shooting there’s no neefor so many people to be here.

“Arielle, there’s a limit to your daydreaming, you know?”

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