Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 56

Chapter 56

On the other side, Harvey had just received Carter’s message. He sent a voice message back “Hey Harvey, are you home yet? Don’t sleep on the road. Some wild dogs might eat you alive.”

“Hahaha! He’ll be able to feed five dogs.”

In a good mood, Harvey refuted, “Shut it, Jordan. I’m not going to drink anymore.”

The other three thought they were hallucinating when they heard Harvey, the man who essentially lived in a bar, announced that he was not going to drink anymore

Carter then texted: What?

Jordan was equally quick to add to that. Whathe heck?

Right then, Vinson, who rarely appeared in the chat, sent a voice message to the group. “What’s wrong with you?”

Upon his arrival, Jordan shrieked and sent a voice message. “Holy f*ck! Harvey, your nonsense

forced our busy man out from his hiding! Hurry and tell us you’re joking.”

He had been drinking continuously because he was unable to find her. Now that he had found her, there was no reason for him to keep drinking.

As long as Arielle was in the country, even if she did not give him a way to contact her, he would still find a hundred other ways to get to her. Then,

he would create the opportunity for them to encounter each other.

Love at first sight. That was what happened to him. It sounded absurd, but that was the reality,

Who wouldnt fall for a brave, kindand prettgirl?

The moment Harvey’s voice message was sent out, Jordan sent back a celebratory emoji.

Congratulations! May we know who this girl is? Hurry and propose to her! if she doesn’t agree to it, we Tl kidnap her and get her to your bed for you!

Upon reading the message, Harvey frowned. Perhaps he had been drinking too much, for he started imagining Arielle on his bed.

Unable to help himself, he turned and looked toward the bed.

However, in the next second, he slapped himself.

Slap! With the loud sound came his soberness.

What kind of scumbag am I?San’s a goddess to me How can think ohein that way?

Irritated, Harvey responded, “Jordan, if you say something like that again. I’ll skin you alive!”

Jordan’s reply came quick “Oh? Are you angry? It seems like you’re serious this time. I won’t say that anymore, all right? Let me apologize to your future wife. Come on, tell us who she is. Your grandma’s

Moreover, there’s something between Vinson and her. I can’t let her keep this up.”

Why not?” Matthias kissed her earlobe. “In half a year, Southall Group will be ours, Henrick can love whoever he wants to. Why do you need to bother yourself with these minor matters?”

“But…” The worry remained in Cindy’s eyes.

Henrick was not as foolish as he looked. When the Moore family turned into the Southall family, a bunch of Moores had appeared, trying to get rid of Henrick.

Yet, Henrick managed to suppress them. In fact, he even turned some of them into his men.

In other words, Henrick was more than capable of scheming on his own.

Cindy desperately needed Henrick’s love, and she wanted to turn his men into hers. That way, she would be able to stop the internal conflict from happening again

However, Matthias did not know that she was contemplating such things. He whispered, “If you really don’t like her, I’ll deal with her again. Back then, at the sea, she was lucky. I don’t think she’ll be that lucky again at Jadeborough.”

Rubbing her temples as a headache began to made itself known, Cindy mumbled, “Let me think about it.”

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