Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 55

Chapter 55

Panting, Matthias undid his belt as he spoke.

Then, he pinned Cindy down.

By then, Cindy felt as if her body had melted. She could not push Matthias away.

Not that she wanted to, anyway.

Although Henrick was a domineering man, he was as good as a dead fish in bed. She could only pretend to enjoy every time.

Only Matthias could fulfill her.

Forget about Arielle firstWell talk about helater.

Cindy then took off her panties herself.

After the activity, the two were covered in sweat.

The musty scent of love filled the air in the room. As Matthias lit a cigarette, he sighed in satisfaction.

With a blanket wrapped around her, Cindy drawled, “Shall we talk business now? What have you found out?”

Matthias flicked the ash off his cigarette before muttering, “I don’t know why you’re so anxious.

The girl’s nothing but a country bumpkin.”

Hearing him, she instantly furrowed her brows and sat upright. “What? Did you not find out about anything?”

Flicking away his cigarette, Matthias then turned to kiss Cindy, but the latter pushed him away

“Spit it out.” Cindy hissed. Matthias knew she was two seconds away from losing her temper.

Stunned, Matthias then solemnly elaborated, “Everyone in the village knows the girl. They say she’s raised there. I investigated her schools too. She studied her elementary, middle, and high school there. Her name is in the graduation records. There’s no way that’s an error.”

After a few seconds of silence, Cindy asked, “What about her teachers? Have you asked them?”

Matthias nodded. “I have. I found her high school homeroom teacher. She said her grades are not bad, but she flunked her high school final examination, so she only managed to get into a third-rate university. However, due to its horrendous results, the university has now closed down.”

At that, Cindy knitted her brows.

Have realloverestimated Anelle? Is she really just filbilly?

Matthias then leaned closer to her. “Cin, she’s just a little girl. You’re thinking too highly of her. Maybe she’s a little witty, but she’s still no match for you.”

Hesitating, Cindy muttered, “But Henrick valueher greatly now. He even loves her more than Sharnie. How can I not be anxious about that?

Moreover, there’s something between Vinson and her. I can’t let her keep this up.”

“Why not?” Matthias kissed her earlobe. “in half a year, Southall Group will be ours. Henrick can love whoever he wants to. Why do you need to bother yourself with these minor matters?”

“But…” The worry remained in Cindy’s eyes,

Henrick was not as foolish as he looked. When the Moore family turned into the Southall family, a bunch of Moores had appeared, trying to get rid of Henrick

Yet, Henrick managed to suppress them. In fact, he even turned some of them into his men.

In other words, Henrick was more than capable of scheming on his own.

Cindy desperately needed Henrick’s love, and she wanted to turn his men into hers. That way, she would be able to stop the internal conflict from happening again.

However, Matthias did not know that she was contemplating such things. He whispered, “If you really don’t like her, I’ll deal with her again. Back then, at the sea, she was lucky. I don’t think she’ll be that lucky again at Jadeborough.”

Rubbing her temples as a headache began to made itself known, Cindy mumbled, “Let me think about it.”

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