Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 54

Chapter 54

No mitter how well intentioned Harvey was, A lle still stood her ground and declined his offer. “It’s not that you’re bothering me, but you know I’m skilled enough to protect myself. You, on the other hand, shouldn’t probably stay out so late. What if someone comes after you again?”

Harvey once again scratched his head while his lace turned pink from embarrassment. “I had been ambushed the last time. Someone injected me with drugs which left me weak and powerless Besides, I’m now back in my territory. I don’t have to fear a repeat of that incident.”

Harvey had such a determined look about him that Arielle knew he wasn’t going to give up that easily, “All right then, you can send me to the neighborhood gate. I’ll get a car home from there.”

Happy as a pig in mud, Harvey nodded his head and grimed. “Okay!”

With Harvey quietly following behind Arielle, they soon walked to the gate. As luck would have it, there was a taxi parked there, which Arielle promptly boarded. Harvey paid the fare in advance and reminded the driver to drive safely.

The driver chuckled at how worried Harvey sounded, “Don’t worry. I promise to send your girlfriend home safe and sound!”

“Not girlfriend…” Both Harvey and Anielle replied simultaneously

Except one was frowning while the other was still

smiling happily

The driver only saw Harvey’s expression, which was enough to make him break into a laugh before driving off

Youngsters these days don’t oftemean what wey say I wish they’d stop lying to theirselves

During the drive home, Anielle’s face was illuminated by the soft glow of the passing street lamps, making her look even dreamer and more beautiful

Yet all she had on her mind then was what Cindy had been doing in that villa.

Just as she was about to get lost in her thoughts, Ashley called her again.

“Ive got it. The villa belongs to Matthias Ford.”

“Matthias? Isn’t that the man who manages Cindy’s properties overseas?”

“That’s right. I’ve also found out that Matthias had had many hotel rendezvous with Cindy and that the villa is a recent purchase.”

Holci rendezvous…oh my

There was a glint in Arielle’s eyes when she realized she had dig up dirt on Cindy

Sure enough, falling in love did make people stupid. Even at that crucial moment, Cindy still

threw caution to the wind and visited Matthias Has she done msane?

Over the phone, Ashley continued, “Matthias is also the one who went to the countryside to investigate you and ordered people to hunt you down on the cruise.”

Arielle’s grip on her phone tightened as she felt her blood boiling, “I got it. I want to know more about Matthias. Continue your investigation on him. No matter how irrelevant it may be, give me every bit. of information you can find on him.”

Once Ashley had ended the call, Anelle’s lips curled into a smile, but the look in her eyes remained cold and distant.

Back at the villa, Cindy had only just shut the door when a topless man scooped her up in a tight embrace.

Cindy yelped in shock. Before she could say anything else, Matthias had already pinned her against the wall.

“Cin…” he groaned as he started kissing her hungrily.

Cindy and Matthias kissed each other with such a burning passion that it didn’t take long before they were both panting heavily

At that rate, things were inevitably going to happen

Everything happened so fast that Cindy soon found herself stripped off of her clothes, Stunned, she hastily pushed Matthias away. “Slow down. Tell me what you’ve found out first.”

Her words fell on deaf ears as Matthias carried her and made a beeline for the bedroom upstairs.

Soon, Cindy found herself being tossed onto the bed by Matthias, who was now eyeing her with hungry eyes.

“The night is precious. Let’s do what we camhere for, and then we can talk about other things.”

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