Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 52

Chapter 52

As expected by Arielle, when the car pulled up at the manor, Cindy did not follow them into the house. Instead, she beckoned for Alfred. “Something has cropped up at the office, but Rick’s too drunk, so I’ll go on his behalf. Take good care of him for me.”

“Yes, Mrs. Southall,” Alfred replied before helping Henrick into the house.

Seeing Cindy hurriedly make her way down the hill only made Arielle more suspicious than ever. Without hesitation, she pretended to have received a call and answered her phone. “What? Do I have to get the schedule now? Fine, I don’t have a choice, do 1? I’ll make my way to Nightshire Group now.”

Arielle then pretended to frown in annoyance and turned toward Alfred. “I have to make a trip to Nightshire Group now. Fill be home later.”

“It’s late, Ms. Arielle. Why don’t you take one of the family cars?”

Anelle rejected the offer with a wave of her hand. “It’s all right. The company’s sending a car over, and I can’t turn them down.”

“Okay then, please keep yourself safe. If you need a car to pick you up, let me know, and I’ll send one

Arielle smiled gratefully at Alfred’s thoughtfulness “Thank you, Alfred. I’ll make my way down the hill


“Very well, Ms. Anlelle. Be careful on your way.”

Shandie, who had been watching from the side, rolled her eyes in exasperation, “What’s the big deal?” she muttered angrily “it’s just a brand ambassadorship contract with Soir Coffee, Talking so loudly on the phone as if she wants the whole world to know that she’s working with Nightshire Group. What a prude!

Alfred listened silently as his eyes flashed with conflicting emotions,

From what Alfred had observed of them, Shandie came across as bold and brash, despite having had a comfortable and cultured upbringing

Arielle, on the other hand, was said to be a country bumpkin. However, she had grace and manners that could rival any socialite,

It was clear to see that the environment one grew up in was secondary. What determined the kind of person one would become were the inherent personality traits.

Arielle made sure to keep an ample distance from Cindy as she quietly tailed her. Before long, they had come to a neighborhood outside their manor.

Soon, Anielle saw Cindy walk into one of the villas in the neighborhood.

Cindy was on high alert the entire time, darting her eyes around even as she opened the door to the villa. Thankfully, Arielle had fast reflexes and

managed to duck behind a hedge before Cindy

could spot her

It was only after the door closed that Arielle could sigh in relief and come out of her hiding spot.

She got the coordinates of the villa and immediately texted it to AshleyHelp me check who owns this villa

As soon as Anielle sent the text, a big hand suddenly landed on her shoulder.

Startled, Arielle immediately grabbed the arm and flipped the person over, pinning him facedown.

An unfamiliar voice rang out. “Please, don’t hurt


The man wore a flattop and reeked of alcohol. Arielle scrunched up her nose at the stench.

Is this drunkard trying thit on me?

However, upon closer inspection, Arielle realized that this drunkard had on very nice and expensive clothes

She frowned and reluctantly loosened her grip after a while

The man flipped himself over, and only then did Arielle see how handsome he was. By her estimation, he also looked to be at least two heads taller than her.

An inexplicable sense of familiarity instantly hit her.

I think I might have met him before?

Just as Arielle was about to ask the man for this name, he exclaimed, “it’s you! Oh my gosh, i can’t believe it! I’ve finally found you, San!”

Alarm bells rang in Arielle’s head when she heard the man use the name she had gone by back when she was overseas,

“You’ve got the wrong person,” Arielle said warily.

As she prepared to leave the man suddenly ran up to stop her.

“No, I haven’t made a mistake. It’s you, San! Or should I say, Arielle? I’m not dreaming, am 17”

worried expression marred Arielle’s face.

This man knows both my old and current names. I can’t go on denying anymore.

“Who are you? Do I know you?”

The man, still under the influence of alcohol, nodded his head before shaking it frantically. You know me. No, I’ve been looking for you,” he slurred. “1-… I can’t believe I’ve finally found you. H…”

To her surprise, the man was on the verge of tears

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