Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 51

Chapter 51

If Cindy had the call to siphon off that much money from Henrick without his knowledge, then it only proved how little she truly cared for him.

Arielle had always believed that what Henrick and Cindy had was true love. Why else would Cindy have done something as unglamorous as marrying her sister’s husband?

However, judging by how things were going now, Arielle could tell that Cindy was up to no good. Perhaps, Henrick was merely a p**n in her game

Once she had gotten to the bottom of the matter and exposed the truth, Arielle had no doubts that Cindy and Henrick would be at each others’ throats.

It couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes after the last phone call when Ashley called again

“You’ve found out so fast?” Arielle asked in surprise

“No. There’s something I forgot to tell you.”

“What is it?”

*Someone here has been investigating you recently. Your company came close to being exposed, but I managed to thwart their plan.”

“Investigating me?” Arielle asked worriedly. “Is it Cindy?”

“No. I traced the search back and realized the other party wasn’t even covering their tracks. It’s Harvey J*****r, CEO of Jayhawk Group.”

“Harvey J*****r? I don’t think I know him…” Arielle muttered. “Regardless, don’t let him find out about my identity. I can’t risk getting exposed now.


After the call, Arielle again tried to recall if she had ever come across a Harvey J*****r in her life.

Try as she might, the name didn’t ring a bell at all.

However, there was still a possibility that Cindy had sent him to do the dirty work.

No, waitAshley did mention that Harveythe CEO of Jayhawk Groupworldrenownetechnology companyThere‘s no way Cindwould be able to get a man like him to be at hebecand callSo the question is, why is he investigating me?

Frustrated with the lack of answers, Arielle decided to give it a rest. She was confident that her real identity would be safe, given how she had spent a lot of money and effort to conceal it. If anyone were to try, all they could ever dig up was the fake identity of Arielle being the girl who grew up in the countryside.

However, the fact that someone had managed to track her down overseas remained a cause for Concern.

Back in the living room, Cindy finally got the call from Matthias

Not wanting to attract Henrick’s suspicion, she walked to an empty corner before answering her phone

“Hello7” Cindy whispered gently. “You’re back already?”

“Yes. Cin, I want to see you…”

Cindy smiled tenderly as her heart filled with warmth. “I know. I miss you too. Henrick’s bringing Shannie and me out for dinner tonight, and I’ll try to get him drunk then. Once I’ve sent him home, I’ll go to you.”

“T’ll see you at our usual place then.”

“Sure,” Cindy replied, her voice so sweet and gentle it’d turn anyone into mush.

Despite being over forty, Cindy maintained her looks well, thanks to a strict beauty regime She might pale in comparison to Maureen, but her beauty still left men breathless and wanting more. Besides, she had her ways with men and knew how to please them.

That was also the reason why Henrick hadn’t strayed since his second marriage with Cindy Cindy was the only one with the patience to put up with him and spoil him at every chance available.

Unfortunately, Cindy had played Henrick for a fool.

The only time a woman could have that much patience for a man was when she didn’t love him.

Soon, night had fallen,

As promised by Henrick, he took the entire family out to a famous restaurant in Jadeborough for dinner

During their meal, the eagle-eyed Arielle noticed that Cindy kept plying Henrick with wine.

What iCindy up to?

Despite her suspicions, Arielle kept her face straight as she pretended not to have noticed anything amniss.

Henrick, on the other hand, was blissfully unaware of his wife’s intention. He was enjoying the day with his family and downing wine one glass after the other.

After several glasses in a row, Henrick soon became drunk and started spouting nonsense.

“You all better watch out! The one thing I hate the most is people who betray me. If any of you dare do that, I swear I’ll skin you alive!”

Henrick’s sudden outburst scared Cindy as a pang of guilt struck her.

She steadied a woozy Henrick and gently said, “Let’s head home. You’ve had too much to drink, and it’s also getting late. The kids have work tomorrow too.”

“Oh, right! There are movies and money to be made! Let’s go home right now!”

Henrick was bubbling over with excitement as he made his way to the car, but once he got into it, he instantly fell into a deep slumber.

With her father dead to the world, Arielle also shut her eyes and pretended to sleep.

During the journey home, she took several peeks at Cindy and realized she had been on her phone the entire time, busy replying to messages.

Cindyup to no good!

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