Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Shandie stared at Sam, dumbfounded, “What did you say?

“I don’t think you’re suited to be in this profession, You’ve got no talent, and you don’t seem to have put in any effort. That is why I’d advise you to stay away from acting.”

So, when Sam cut me off so early on, it was because my acting was atrocious?

For someone who had already pictured herself as a top-billed actress, Shandie couldn’t accept the sudden turn of events.

“No, no,” Shandie whimpered as she rushed down the stage and toward Sam. “Please, Mr. Sleight, give me another chance! I haven’t been feeling well, so I didn’t get to read the script properly. If you give me one more chance, I promise I won’t let you down!”

Shandie had to do whatever it took to get back into Sam’s good books. As the youngest award winning director, being in his movies would only help propel her to stardom.

You want me to give you another chance? Every actor only gets one shot at an audition, so they cherish any chance they get. Not only have you not prepared well, but you also have no talent, yet you’re demanding to have a go again? Who do you think you are? Do you own the entertainment industry? With your kind of attitude, you’ll never succeed!”

Shandie’s face turned a bright shade of red after being admonished by Sam so publicly and blatantly,

So what if I want to cut corners? I‘m sure Inot as bad as he claims!

Shandie felt her temper rising as she fished a card from her pocket and slammed it down on the table in front of Sam

Her actions were so sudden and rude that everyone could only stare in stunned silence.

As a world-renowned director, even the biggest names in the entertainment industry treated Sam with politeness and respect. Shandie was a nobody, yet she dared to throw a fit at Sam. At that point, everyone only had one thought in their heads: Is she crazy?

Curious, they turned their gazes toward the card, only to collectively reel back in shock. It was a name card, but importantly, it belonged to Vinson Nightshire.

“Vinson Nightshire this woman is a friend of Mr. Nightshire…”

“No wonder she’s so c***y. Our movie requires a huge budget and there’s no way we can get it completed without Nightshire Group’s funding…”

In just a blink of an eye, everyone’s initial disdain toward Shandie had turned into fear and respect as they talked amongst themselves in hushed

Despite the slight commotion, Sam remained indifferent. “What do you mean by this? Are you threatening me?”

Shandie raised her chin toward Sam and scoffed. “I’m not threatening you, but here’s what’s going to happen. If you don’t make me the female lead, you can kiss your entire movie goodbye.”

Upon hearing her words, Jerry, the producer sitting next to Sam, went into a full-blown panic. He hurriedly leaned in and whispered, “Mr. Sleight, please make an exception just this once. The award-winning actresses you’ve worked with didn’t all start out with good acting skills, did they? With your guidance, I’m sure you can turn this one into award-winning material too.”

Sam’s expression slid into a frown.

There was a world of difference between having acting skills that could be improved on and having zero talent. Besides, Shandie had no respect for the profession

To put it bluntly, she was a helpless case,

Still, Jerry pressed on. “Please, Mr. Sleight, I beg of you. You and the screenwriter have spent two long years just to develop the script. You can’t let your hard work go to waste!”

Sam instantly fell silent as he contemplated his options.

After three minutes, he finally came to a decision. “I wont accept any imperfections. If you lot insist. on casting her, I’ll quit as the director.”

Having made his stand clear, Sam walked away without any hesitation and with his head held high.

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