Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 47

Chapter 47

In the end, Vinson walked Arielle and Henrick to the main door

Meanwhile, Jadeborough’s Midnight Theater was bustling with activity

It was one of the largest theaters in Jadeborough, thanks to Nightshire Group’s investment. Therefore, it was only fitting that Shandle would be auditioning for one of Nightshire Group’s movie projects at the Midnight Theater

The audition was for a sci-fi disaster movie, Monsters in Jadeborough. It told of how the female lead, a police officer, bravely protected a building full of people from an alien Invasion and led them to safety.

Movies of that genre were a rarity in the country, and with an excellent story and production crew, Shandie knew it would do well at the box office.

That was why she was determined to get the female lead role.

After a long, painful wait, it was finally Shandie’s turn for the audition,

As Shandie made her way up the stage, Sam looked through her acting resume, only to find that other than having been in a music video, she had zero acting experience.

“I see you’ve never done any acting, so let’s get down to it. You’re now playing the female lead, and monsters have eaten your mother. And, action!”

Since she had never been to any auditions, Shandle was taken aback by the director’s abrupt request

It took her a while to regain composure and get in character.

Monsters have eaten my mother, so I’d be devastated. And with sadness comes tears. Yes, that’s it! ANT have to dis cry!

With that thought, Shandie knelt on the floor and started howling and crying in pain.

“Mom! What would I do without you? Please, dont leave me!”

Sam looked on both shocked and bemused.

Even the rest of the casting directors had also fallen into an awkward silence.

The female lead Shandie was auditioning for had both brains and brawns. With her mother dead, there would undoubtedly be brief emotional distress. But then, she’d either go on to avenge her itiother or continue to lead her convoy to safety.

Either way, she’d never be reduced to a bawling mess like what Shandie was doing now.

Besides, the world that the female lead was in had monsters everywhere. Even a brief moment of weakness might lead to the character’s death the next second

The casting directors continued to look on in disdain and confusion,

Who is this woman? Why would she still portray the character like that even aftereading the story outline ancharacter breakdown? Are we just letting anyone audition for Sams movies now?

Sam had had enough of watching Shandie bawl her eyes out when he sounded the bell and shouted, “Cut!”

Shandie looked up, bewildered. It had only been a few seconds since she got into character, and she still had many lines in mind to deliver

Was my crying so good that thdirector has decided to cast me as the lead?

Shandie got up from the floor excitedly and smiled at Sam. “Mr. Sleight, how was my performance? haven’t had much preparation, so my crying might not be as good. If there’s anything I can improve on, please let me know.”

Shandie beamed with pride, behaving as if the lead role was in her bag

The rest of the crew exchanged glances and sniggers, wondering how Shandie had so much arrogance and impudence

Sam was not a man to beat around the bush on show much sympathy. He looked at Shandie and said coldly, “There’s nothing you need to improve on.

Shandie’s eyes lit up at his words.

Is the role already mineAnd that wasneven mbesperformance!

The more she thought about it, the happier Shandie gotIt looks like truly have talent for actingknew was born to be star/

Just as Shandie was relishing the moment, Sam added, “But if I must give you a word of advice, then I’d say… leave this industry.”

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