Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Henrick didn’t give it much thought and was elated at the fact that the collaboration with Arielle was not cancelled

“That’s great, that’s great! Sannie, thank Mr. Nightshire quickly!”

Arielle gazed at Henrick intently

Henrick would call her “Sannie” when she was useful. But when she was useless, Henrick would call her “Arielle”. What a stark contrast…

She turned towards Vinson and forced out her words. “Thank you.”

“No problem. Instead, I should thank Ms. Moore for collaborating with us.” Vinson said and he continued to talk to Henrick. “I would like to speak to Ms. Moore privately for the details of the collaboration. Mr. Southall, please follow my staff to sign the contract next door.”

“Sure, sure. Take your time.”

Henrick followed the staff to the meeting room next door to sign the contract with a smile. The meeting room was now left with Vinson and Arielle.

Arielle bit her lips and broke the silence. “I’m sorry you have to see my dad like this…”

“You did nothing wrong. Why are you apologizing?”

Arielle looked at Vinson. His gaze was dark, and she couldn’t find a hint of disdain nor sarcasm in his eyes.

He protected her dignity

Arielle pursed her lips and said, “Thank you…”

Vinson pointed at the seat beside her and said, “Don’t thank or apologize anymore. Take a seat. Let’s talk about business.”

“Alright.” Arielle pulled out the chair and sat. They sat facing each other closely, and she could even see Vinson’s eyelashes clearly.

Vinson took out a contract and said, “The Soir Coffee is an important project for us this year. We will start the advertising and marketing campaigns tomorrow. Your shooting task might be tough for the following days. This is your schedule for the week. Take a look.”

Arielle took over the densely packed schedule. Besides shooting tasks, there was a stream of tasks such as live streams and ribbon-cutting Ceremonies

She carefully looked over and nodded. “Alright, I will cooperate with you.”

After a brief silence, Vinson spoke, “I thought you were not in favor of being our ambassador. What made you change your mind?”

Arielle smiled lightly. “I have my own reason. But

you don’t have to worry, since I have agreed to this, I will give my best.”


Vinson stood up and said, “They should be done with the contract soon. You can go back and rest for the day. Tomorrow onwards, there will be a team following you throughout. Let them know if you need anything.”

“Thank you.” Arielle stood up as well.

Vinson gazed at her with a doubtful look and asked suddenly, “Is Henrick your biological father?”

Arielle was stunned. “Otherwise?”

Even though mmom had passed away, but it was true that she and Henrick were married coupleIf my biological father was not Henrick, whelse could it be?

“Maybe you should take a test. You’re nothing like your father.”

Arielle went silent.

Henrick was indeed very different from her in terms of look and personality,

But she never thought Henrick was not her biological father.

But since Vinson had mentioned it, a seed of

suspicion was planted in her head unknowingly.

Arielle left the meeting room. Henrick was hugging the signed contract as if it was his precious baby

“Let me walk you down.” Vinson made a gesture with his hand.

Henrick quickly waved. “I’m honored enough to have Mr. Nightshire sign the contract personally. How can I trouble you to walk us down?”

Vinson replied without changing his expression. “This project is very important to the Nightshire Group. So I will follow through with the project personally.”

The person in charge behind him was stunned upon hearing his words.

How can Soir Coffee be compared to the other projects on Vinson’s plate?

The person in charge glanced at Arielle with a knowing glance. He felt that he had probably discovered a shocking secret.

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