Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 45

Chapter 45

At this moment, she was regretful for her superiority and cheeky thoughts that made her lose her decent and high-paying job.

But there was not use crying over spilled milk.

She brought this upon herself

At the eleventh floor

Arielle and Henrick had waited in the meeting room for almost half an hour. But the people from the Nightshire Group were nowhere to be seen.

A staff came in between to refill the water for them, and he asked the staff for them, but the staff couldn’t answer.

Henrick was getting anxious as time went by.

Did the Nightshire Group found out that Arielle was from the countrysideand they’re trying to back out becausshmight not fit the image of an ambassador?

Henrick stood up.

They haalready signethe contract All we needed was the stamfrom the Nightshire Group, and the deal for the ambassador would be sealed. How coulI afford to lose this collaboration?

Henrick lost the glistening gaze he had on Arielle before and felt her useless.

“What’s your education level? Did you graduated

from high school?” Henrick asked coldly

When Arielle was about to make up a story someone opened the meeting room door.

Both of them looked towards the door at the same time. Headed by Vinson, around ten higher-ups from Nightshire Group came in.

Most of them were prominent figures in the business circle. Henrick stared in surprise.

At the same time, he was also in a panic.

“M-Mr. Nightshire…” Henrick stuttered his words, “D do you think my daughter’s educational background is too low, so you don’t want her? | can find someone to help with her studies. Even though she might be dimwitted and cowardly, but if we package her nicely, I think we can continue our collaboration. We can even negotiate again

“Dimwitted and cowardly?”

A hint of amusement flashed under Vinson’s eyes, and he chuckled under his breath.

Was he talking about Arielle? It seems like Henrick does not know his own daughter

The information showed that it was not long after Arielle had returned to the Southalls. If she hid it purposely, it would indeed be difficult to understand her. Because even he wasn’t sure what kind of person was Arielle.

Henrick was afraid to look directly at Vinson, When Henrick heard a chuckle from Vinson, he thought that he guessed Vinson’s thoughts correctly.

Henrick quickly added, “My daughter is very honest. She would definitely cooperate with you earnestly. Please give her another chance!”

After he finished his words, he turned his head towards Arielle and commanded, “Arielle, come over here and get down on your knees!”

“Get down on my knees?” Arielle thought she had known Henrick well, but what he said today had given her a whole new perspective of him.

Henrick was furious when he saw Arielle didn’t budge an inch. He roared, “Why are you still there? Get your ss here now!”

He didn’t show Arielle any respect at all.

Arielle bit her lips. This was the first time she felt. such humiliation in her life.

She never kneeled to anyone. But…if this was for the sake of finding the truth and avenge for her mom, she was willing to do anything.

Arielle clenched her fist and walked forward.

But when she set her foot out, Vinson suddenly spoke, “Mr. Southall, there might be some misunderstanding here. We’re not dissatisfied with Ms. Moore. On the contrary, we feel that Ms.

Moore is perfect for the role of our ambassador. We just have to verify some minor details with Ms. Moore again.”

Arielle looked at Vinson in shock. His expression was cold as if he was suppressing his anger.

He is angryBut why?

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