Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 44

Chapter 44

“Come in.” A deep voice rang out from inside.

The assistant’s face went red immediately upon hearing his voice..

She groomed the stray strands of her hair beside her ears and checked her makeup before entering

“Mr. Nightshire” The assistant gazed shyly towards the man seated at the huge desk

His deep eyes and beguiling face, coupled with that serious look on his face while diligently working, were more than enough to make the assistant’s heart thump faster.


She exhausted all of her resources and networks to acquire the chance for the interview, all for his

“Speak.” Vinson spoke without raising his head and continued flipping the documents in his hands.

“Ahem…” The assistant cleared her throat and spoke with the gentlest voice she thought she had. “There’s a project manager outside. He mentioned that there’s an ambassador who will be signing a contract here… But if you’re busy, fli let him know.”

The assistant had watched the latte art video online, and she knew the ambassador was pretty So she was reluctant to let Vinson meet her.

This was also why she purposely delayed the time,

The assistant was ready to leave after she spoke. if ten people demanded to meet the CEO, five of them would be rejected for the reason being. “if he couldn’t resolve such trivial matters on his own, why keep him?”


“Wait” Vinson’s voice came from her back

She stopped in her tracks, turned around, and asked sweetly, “Mr. Nightshire. Is there anything else I can help you with?

But as she raised her gaze, Vinson was already in front of her

The face that she had always dreamt of was only inches before her. She could even hear her own heartbeat

Is he leaning in so closely…To kiss me?

Her face flushed red, extending down to her neck. She whined bravely. “Mr. Nightshire…

The assistant called out to Vinson in a sickeningly sweet voice, as her right hand slowly reached out to Vinson’s waist….

Just as she was about to touch Vinson, the back of her hand was gripped by a hand, followed by intense pain

“Ah!” The assistant’s face turned pale from the pain as she stared at Vinson in disbelief.

“Mr. Nightshire…”

“What are you trying to do?” Vinson was expressionless. His gaze was dark and cold, Sending chills down her spine.

The assistant turned pale from the pain, she felt as if her arms were about to snap into two!

“Mr. Nightshire… it hurts…”

Vinson shook off the assistant’s hand in disgust and said coldly, “You crossed the line.”

“I’m sorry!”

Who would have thought that all that was nothing but a pipe dream? Vinson was never interested in her!

She wished the earth could swallow her up right then and there.

She quickly explained, “L.I have low blood sugar. I was only finding support instinctively.”

Vinson couldn’t be bothered and asked, “Which project manager did you say?”

With a sigh of relief, the assistant replied honestly, “He is the project manager of Soir Coffee”

Vinson’s lifted his eyes suddenly and asked, “How

long has he been here?”

“A-about twenty minutes…”

“Twenty minutes! Why are you only informing me now!”

Vinson raised his hand. “Save your explanation. Just head to the HR department and settle your salary. You don’t have to come tomorrow.

The assistant widened her eyes in shock. She thought she had escaped a calamity.

She offended Vinson, yet he didn’t fire her. But now he is going to fire her because she made the project manager wait for twenty minutes?

Before the assistant realized, Vinson had already stepped out of the office.

She felt cold all over, and her body lost its strength as she crumpled to the ground.

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