Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 43

Chapter 43

Arielle pulled the slit of her skirt cautiously, like a girl who hadn’t wom a short skirt She asked timidly, “Is the slit of the skirt too high?”

The stylist understood Chanean and replied immediately using her poor Chanean. “It’s not too high! It’s just right. You have beautiful legs, so you should show them off. Be confident and face your strengths, miss. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. No one looks better in this gown than you! I’m speaking from my heart.”

Arielle knew her strengths, but how could a countryside girl like her had such confidence?

She looked towards Henrick timidly, he nodded at her and said, “Trust the stylist. People are more Open in this era. The skirt is not too short, let’s pick this. Let’s go, it’s getting late.”

Arielle nodded and followed Henrick with her head


Seeing how Arielle acted made Henrick’s worry about the possibility of her becoming the second Maureen disappeared.

They arrived at Nightshire Group’s building at the promised time.

Located in the most affluent area in the CBD of Jadeborough, the Nightshire Group owned the whole street, not to mention the headquarters building- an unimaginably tall skyscraper.

The person in charge of Soir Coffee was already

waiting at the door.

He was mesmerized when he saw Arielle in the video from the internet. Now that he saw the person in real life, he was stunned at the spot.

How could girl look sperfect?

Perfect features, a perfect figure, and she even had incredible latte art skills. No one else could be more perfect than her to be the ambassador for Soir Coffee

Nevertheless, the person in charge had been around. He pinched his ears to collect himself and went up to them with a smile.

You must have had a tough journey. Please follow me upstairs.”

The person in charge brought Arielle and Henrick to the eleventh floor. The staff of the Nightshire Group, who was either holding their coffee or documents whirled around to look at her, with a mesmerizing look in their eyes.

They arrived at the eleventh floor shortly after. The person in charge brought them to a meeting room

for a sit.

“Please take a rest and have some water. Our team will arrive shortly.”

Henrick quickly nodded his head. “It’s alright, we’re not in a hurry”

The person in charge left with a smile. He didn’t go to the headquarters of the Nightshire Group. Instead, he took the elevator to the office on the highest floor.

The person in charge walked briskly after reaching the top floor and arrived at the CEO’s office,

An assistant immediately came and stopped the person in charge. “Which department are you from? What’s your business here? Did you make an appointment?”

Even though Soir Coffee was a large-scale global project, but even the in charge of Nighshire Entertainment would need to book an appointment with the CEO, let alone Soir Coffee,

It was the first time the person in charge went to the top floor. He was stunned when he heard the assistant and replied, “I didn’t make an appointment. But the CEO mentioned that if the ambassador of Soir Coffee was to come to sign the contract, he would like me to inform him.”

The assistant was new and studied overseas with a good educational background. Moreover, she was interviewed personally by the CEO, and that made her proud.

Those who would come to the top floor were usually the higher-ups of Nightshire GroupWhat rights does a mere in chargof a project have to meet the CEO?

She said nonchalantly, “Okay, I understand. I will

ask for the CEO when I’m done with my task.”

The person in charge waited aside after replying “Sorry for the trouble” politely.

After waiting for over ten minutes, the person in charge was losing his patience. “Miss, the client is waiting downstairs. If you’re still busycan I greet the CEO on iny own?”

The assistant frowned. “Client? Many clients are waiting to meet the CEO. Are they dignitaries? Can’t they even wait for a while?”

The person in charge furrowed his brows and could only wait patiently.

When the assistant saw that the officer had a good temper, she lost interest. After another ten minutes, she finally stood up and knocked on the CEO’s office door.

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