Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Arielle knew the reason-Shandie was afraid that she would accuse her of stealing the name card.

Henrick glanced at Shandie’s barely-touched breakfast and asked Cindy, “Where is she Fushing to so early in the morning?”

Cindy replied with a grin, “Do you know Sam Sleight, the director?”

Henrick nodded, “Of course.”

She continued, “Mr. Sleight’s choosing the cast for his new show today. Shannie received a chance to do the audition.”

Although Shandie told everyone else that Sam had given the role to her, all she got, in reality, was merely an audition spot. Furthermore, she only got the opportunity due to Cindy’s bribery.

However, Henrick did not know that. He exclaimed happily, “That’s great! As their father, I’m so proud of my two talented daughters. Let’s go out for a meal tonight. I’ve never properly welcomed Sannie after she returned.”

When Cindy heard Arielle’s nickname, she felt slightly unhappy

The reason why she gave Shandie her name was because Arielle’s nickname was Sannie. She wanted to come up with a name that sounded similar.

Her intention was to steal everything away from Maureen, her sister. However, it sounded exceptionally unpleasant now.

Forcing out a smile, she said, “Sural Shandie also said that she’s quite confident in securing the role. It’s a great day today. Let’s go out as a family and have a sumptuous meal together!”

“Of course.” Henrick beckoned Arielle over. “Sannie, finish your breakfast quickly. We need to leave soon.”

“Okay, Dad.” Glancing in Shandie’s direction, Arielle could already guess why she said that she was confident in securing the role.

She had heard of Sam’s reputation before. As his movies all featured magnificent scenes, they required extremely good acting skills.

Even if Shandie managed to get the opportunity, it all depended on whether she was capable enough to grasp it well.

Arielle averted her gaze nonchalantly, sat down and ate her breakfast quietly.

When Cindy raised her head subconsciously, she saw the warm morning sunlight shine on Arielle’s face. A faint golden glow enveloped her face, making her look as beautiful as an angel.

Her side-profile resembled that of the deceased


Cindy could not help but tighten her grip on her spoon

The person she had instructed to investigate her would report back to her todaySoonfind out this b***htrue colorsJusyou waitYour goodays wonlast any longer.

After suffering for two hours, Arielle finally walked out of the changing room.

She wore a tailored gown that had a slit up to the middle of her thighs, revealing her beautiful


Her hair was tied up in a bun, making her look as exquisite as a doll. No one could tear their gazes away from her.

Arielle could tell that Henrick had spent a lot of money on her. Her gown alone already cost a lot, let alone the handcrafted shoes that she was wearing

The moment she walked out of the changing room, the foreign stylist immediately gasp and clapped. “This is simply perfect and unbelievable!”

Even Henrick was stunned when he saw Arielle. He could see a shadow of his deceased wife on her.

In the past, he had loved Maureen deeply. However, as time passed, he grew to hate her. She was simply too talented and intelligent, so much so that she stole the limelight away from him. Every time he saw Maureen, he would be reminded of the fact that he was the Moores’ live-in son-in-law.

Would Arielle become someone like Maureen in thfuture?

Henrick clenched his fists tightly, forcing himself to stop thinking about that.

He walked toward Arielle and said with a smile, “This look fits you so well. You should wear gowns more often in the future.”

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