Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Arielle, who was sitting at the desk and “reading her book” attentively, raised her head in confusion. Her gaze coincidentally met that of Henrick’s.

She saw a lustered look in his eyes. He quickly concealed it, but Arielle still noticed it clearly.

She asked calmly, “Why are you back, Dad?”

When Henrick saw Arielle reading her book attentively at the desk, he became relieved.

Clearing his throat, he said, “I suddenly remembered that I still have unfinished work It’s getting late, so you should go back and rest first. You should come back another day.”

Arielle did not want him to notice anything amiss. After all, she already discovered that the locked drawer contained something that would make Henrick panic. That was already an achievement.

“Okay.” She flipped the book, GlobaFinance, closed.

When Henrick saw her reading the book, he shook his head and said, “This book is too advanced for you. Girls have no need to learn things like this too. I’ll find something more suitable for you to read next time.”

According to Henrick girls should not even think of dabbling in business and finance. All

they needed to do was to look pretty and marry a rich man. Business and finance should be left solely to men. Women would only stir up more trouble if there were to get involved.

However, in reality, Cindy was almost done

emptying out the company’s assets. Henrick just had not realized it.

Arielle could not even be bothered to secretly insult Henrick. Instead, she walked out of the door calmly

“Oh, right! Sannie?” Henrick suddenly called out to her

Arielle turned around and saw Henrick staring at her with a sharp gaze. He asked, “Where did you learn latte art from?

Initially, she thought that Henrick only cared about the outcome and would not ask about the details. Seems like he’s starting to get suspicious

Unfazed, she said, “I learned it in Norham. Back then, I worked in a cafe. The store owner is an extremely skilled barista who just returned from overseas. I learned it from him.”

“I see… After you become successful, you should thank him.”

“Okay, Dad. I have the same thought too.” The grateful and innocent look on Arielle’s face

dispelled any suspicions Henrick had.

She turned around and walked to her room.

On the way there, she surprisingly found out that her palm was sweating.

Things had not made any significant progress yet. Hence, she must not let Henrick realize anything amiss and be alerted.

However, it was obvious that Henry felt wary from when she lingered in the study room. That was why he returned mid-way.

She was too rash.

Arielle returned to her room, shut the door and leaned against it. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath

Don’t be too rash. Thtruth will eventually be exposedso all have to dis to bpatient.

After half a minute, she finally opened her eyes.

Yet, she immediately realized something…

Someone had entered her bedroom!

As she was very alert, she deliberately scattered some inconspicuous silver powder on the floor. There was an obvious footprint on

It was not big, which meant that the intruder was female.

Arielle went to check the computer immediately. She had already cleared the browsing history, so the culprit probably did not discover anything. Furthermore, as the mouse was still in its original spot, the computer had not been switched on.

She went to search the other areas again. Eventually, she realized that Vinson’s name card in her coat was gone.


She must havtaken it. That girl never stopshuh?

However, as the name card was insignificant to Arielle, she planned to feign ignorance.

People who stole things that did not belong to themselves would always meet their karma.

Soon, the second day arrived. Arielle was woken up by the housekeeper early in the morning. When she went downstairs, Henrick and the others were already eating breakfast.

However, the moment Shandie saw her, she stood up and announced that she was already done eating. Avoiding Arielle’s gaze, she directly walked out of the house,

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