Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Feigning an innocent and happy look, Arielle nodded and exclaimed, “Thank you, Dad! I was just feeling scared to go there alone.”

Henrick was over the moon. It was his fortune to have such an easily manipulated daughter.

Taking back the contract, he stood up and said, “We’ll head to Nightshire Group tomorromorning at ten. I’ll bring you to the stylist two hours before that. It’s getting late, so I’ll go to sleep now. You should rest earlier too.”

Grabbing the opportunity, Arielle asked, “Dad, I still can’t sleep. Can I read in your study room?”

Henrick hesitated for a few seconds before nodding. “Sure, but you can only read the books on the left side of the shelf. Don’t touch the other areas.

“Okay, Dad,” replied Arielle.

After Henrick left, the obedient look on Arielle’s face disappeared

Standing up, she closed the door before turning around and scrutinizing the room.

The shelves, tables and chairs were all made from luxurious rosewood. Furthermore, they looked quite old

She had lost all her childhood memories due to a high fever. All she could remember was her mother.

She could still remember the feeling of her mother’s hands gently caressing her face. In addition to her gentle smile, Arielle could also remember her saying, “Run away, Sannie! When you grow up, take revenge for me…”

However, she could not remember what exactly happened that prompted her mother to say


When she investigated her mother’s cause of death, Arielle discovered that she had been going for health check-up every year. Even though her health report did not show anything wrong with her mental state, she had committed suicide due to depression.

She had asked the doctor who gave her mother the check-up. The doctor had a strong impression of Mom and was certain that she did not have depression

In that case, her mother did not die of suicide. Instead, she was murderedi

Arielle closed her eyes. She felt a layer of mist obscuring her vision, preventing her from discovering the truth.

When she opened her eyes again, she could finally think and see clearly.

i will definitely discover the truth!

Arielle rummaged through the shelf carefully. but did not discover any of her mother’s belongings. There was not even a photo in sight.

Logically speaking, after someone’s wife died, he would still keep a few photographs of her. However, she could not spot a single momento of her mother in the study room.

There were two possibilities for this…

Either Henrick did not display a photograph because he was scared that Cindy would be jealous, or he did not have any feelings for her mother at all. In fact, he might even have detested her

It was impossible for him to be scared that Cindy would be jealous. His male chauvinistic ego would have no room for Cindy’s c**p.

Hence, the latter explanation had a higher possibility

Of course, there was another alternative Henrick was so scared of her mother that he did not even dare to look at her photograph.

Regardless of whether it was the second or third reason, both proved that her mother’s death was closely related to Henrick.

Although others claimed that Arielle’s mother committed suicide due to depression, it was impossible for someone like that to tell her daughter to “run away quickly and “take revenge” for her

In the meantime, she had also conductean extensive investigation on Henrick.

Back then, the Southalls was just a small family in Jadeborough who owned a coal business. On the contrary, the Moore Group was considered one of the major corporations in Jadeborough

Based on her mother’s status back then, she would never have married the son of a coal mine owner

If Henrick was someone with good morals and principles, it would still be understandable. However, he was the opposite.

The investigation also revealed that they got married in a flash. After being introduced to each other, they married within a week.

The fact that they married was already very strange.

After rummaging the shelf, she went to search the drawers in the desk

There were a total of four drawers. After combing through the first three, Arielle still did

not find anything. When she tried to open the fourth drawer, she realized that it was locked and she could not pull it out.

Just when she was about to find something to unlock it, she heard the sounds of footsteps coming from the corridor.

A few seconds later, the door to the study room was flung open quickly.

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