Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Arielle walked to the door and opened the door warily, revealing a slight gap.

Holding a plate of fruits reluctantly, Shandie said, “Dad told me to give this to you. He wants you to go over to the study room.”

“Okay.” replied Arielle as she took the plate of fruits from her hands.

Shandie glanced into the room subconsciously but Arielle took a step to the left and blocked her view. She asked coldly, “Is there anything else?”

Shandie pouted and left.

After closing the door, Arielle walked back to her computer and cleared her browsing history Only then did she open her door and head toward Henrick’s study room.

Unbeknown to her, Shandie crept to the door two minutes later, holding a pair of backup


With a click the door opened. She entered briskly and shut the door behind her.

Scanning the room, she mumbled to herself, “Arielle refused to let me see her room. I wonder if she’s hiding something bad in this room…”

shelves, but did not find anything.

Just when she was about to leave, she suddenly caught sight of Arielle’s coat, whicwas hung on the coat rack

She walked over briskly, patted the pockets and fished out a name card from within.

After seeing whose name card it was a greedy glint immediately appeared in Shandie’s eyes.

It’s Vinsonname cardArielle actuallhas his name card!

Evidentlyshe didntell DadOtherwisethe name card would be in his study room insteahereHow bold oher to hide this from DadIgoing to tell on her.

Shandie was about to visit Henrick with this name card. However, when she reached the door, her mind suddenly changed.

Instead of giving this name card to Dad and letting him gently chide Ariellewhy donkeep it for myselfWith this name cardisn‘t it easier fome to meet Vinson or to create opportunitiefor myself?

After making up her mind, Shandie returned everything in the room to its original form. She hid the name card well and snuck out of Arielle’s room secretly.

Meanwhile, Arielle had arrived at Henrick’s study.

When she pushed the door open and entered, Henrick grinned brightly and beckoned her to take a seat.

She obediently sat opposite him.

Henrick pushed a stack of contracts toward her and said, “I’ve got the contract for Soir Coffee’s ambassador. After reviewing the contract, I think that it’s fine. You should review it too. If you’re also fine with it, you can sign the contract.”

Henrick’s tone was affectionate yet firm, not giving Arielle any chance to not sign the contract

Arielle took the contract and scanned it silently

The remuneration offered by Nightshire Group was extremely high. In fact, it exceeded the endorsement fees top celebrities usually received

Furthermore, after becoming the ambassador of Soir Coffee, she could enjoy complimentary stays in any of Nightshire Group’s hotels for ten years.

Even without the remuneration, the offer of staying in any of Nightshire Group’s hotels for free for ten years was already tempting


However, Arielle was still unfazed. She had absolutely no interest in becoming an ambassador

However, to achieve her goal, she had no choice but to agree and feign delight.

Placing the contract down and suppressing her unhappiness, Arielle said with a smile, “I’m fine

ith it! I’m going to sign it, then.”

“Just sign it. I’ll accompany you to Nightshire Group tomorrow and pass the contract to them. Since you’ve just arrived in this bustling city, I’ll be worried to let you go to an unfamiliar place alone.”

Since when is Henrick so niceHe definitely has aulterior motive!

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