Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 38

Chapter 38

However, Vinson’s smile faded gradually.

Having intimate contact with a girl from an ordinary background was not something to rejoice over. He was still considering if he should marry her.

In fact, he might not even be interested in her!

Just when Vinson was silently debating about it, Carter patted his shoulder and asked, “What about you, Vin? Why don’t we ask her out to meet her?”

“That’s lame. I refuse to meet her,” rejected Vinson expressionlessly.

Not surprised by Vinson’s reaction, Jordan teased, “Mr. Nightshire’s only interested in work. It’ll be a miracle if he starts developing an interest in women. But isn’t your mother forcing you to go on blind dates? She’s waiting to have a grandchild. Are you really that not interested in women?”

“Yes,” replied Vinson firmly. “Women are so troublesome. Amongst the four of us, you’re the only person free enough to be interested in them.”

Women meant trouble.

His parent’s marriage was a complete disaster -one that even resulted in his father’s death.

Hence, he was reluctant to marry. In fact, he was afraid of it.

“Who says that I’m the only person free enough?”Jordan did not notice the grim expression on Vinson’s face. Pointing at Harveywho was drinking gloomily, he said, “Didn’t this dude become depressed because he’s been looking for a woman?”

Carter denied, “Harvey’s not like you. He’s trying to find his savior, so don’t you drag him down with you.”

Jordan scoffed, “Look at his lifeless gaze and gloomy look. Is he just looking for his savior? Who’d believe that?”

Vinson glanced at Harvey, who looked dazed. Then, he snatched Harvey’s glass away.

“Stop drinking! How much have you had already?”

Harvey frowned. However, as Vinson was the one who robbed him of his alcohol glass, he could not snatch it back. Hence, he merely sat there silently

Carter asked curiously, “It’s already been half a month. Why haven’t you found the girl who saved you when you were overseas?”

Jordan chimed in and teased, “If even you can’t find herdo you think that she’s a ghost? Did

you get saved by a female ghost?”

Vinson immediately frowned.

He had been investigating Arielle for almost a week but discovered nothing. But, she was definitely a human being, not a ghost.

He chided coldly, “Don’t make such a lame joke!”

When Jordan noticed Vinson’s serious expression, he shrugged and protested indignantly, “I’m just joking! Why are you overreacting? You only defend Harveyyou biased jerk!”

Ignoring Jordan, Vinson lowered his head and took a sip. A gloomy feeling surfaced within him.

Whatthe girlbackstory?

Meanwhile, in the Southall residence, Arielle finally received the information about Cindy’s financial assets sent by her subordinate,

Cindy’s assets amounted up to three billion. Furthermore, most of them were deposited in secret accounts overseas. The fixed assets overseas were all managed by the same man.

If she was not wrong, Henrick probably did not know about all those money.

In addition to Henrick’s poor management, most of the Moores’ money most likely found its way into Cindy’s pockets.

Looks like the real owner of Southall Group isn‘t Henrickbut CindyThis is an interesting discovery...

Just when Arielle was reviewing the email attentively, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

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