Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 37

Chapter 37

Yvetie’s hands slowly balled into fists as immense hatred filled her wards.

“You’ll pay for this, Arielle.”

On the flip side, Jordan had arrived at a bar and was lying on the deck. When he caught a glimpse of a tall man approaching him, he immediately sat up straight “Mr. Nightshire, I’m glad you came,” he greeted as the said man sat down.

With his arrival, the most prominent men from the four most significant families in Jadeborough were all there-Vinson, Jordan, Harvey, and Carter

Among the four, except for the Nightshires, the other three families had always been rivals.

However, in this generation, all four of them were good friends.

“Since you asked me out here, is there anything important to discuss7′ questioned Vinson coldly as he stared at the other three.

* The womanizer of our group. Mr. Baker, said he finally found his true love,” stated Carter

Vinson remained expressionless even after learning that. “If it isn’t something important, then I’ll take my leave.”

With that, he stood up, trying to leave as soon

as possible so he could continue running a background check on Arielle.

Usually, it would take him only ten or more minutes to get the results of someone’s background. This time, it had been one week since he started investigating Arielle’s background, but he had yet gotten any results. Even if some data came up, he couldn’t believe

“HeyWait!” Jordan quickly grabbed the corner of Vinson’s clothes. “It’s for real this time. I met a unique woman at the Southalls today. Um, it’s my fiancée’s cousin’s house.”

Upon hearing the particular family’s name, Vinson halted his steps, allowing Jordan to pull him back to his seat. The latter was delighted because he thought Vinson was interested in listening to his story

“Why do you think she’s unique?” asked Vinson.

Pouring Vinson a glass of wine, Jordan placed the bottle down and rubbed his hands together. “Because she’s calm, smart…”

Jordan then proceeded to recap the Magnus’ incidentwhich managed to pique Harvey’s interest, who had been bored all this time.

“Are you sure you’re not talking about the plot of a movie?” questioned Carter playfully.

“I swear I’m not. If this tale is fake, then I shall be struck by lightning!”

“Then you should think about it thoroughly.” Carter laughed. “It will be hard for you to manage a woman who’s not even afraid of a fierce dog.”

Jordan shook his head. You have no idea what shelike. Not only does she have a good personality, but she’s also extremely gorgeous. Oh, gosh. That face, that body-”

“What’s her name?” questioned Vinson out of the blue


“Dear Mr. Baker, were you smitten by her that you have forgotten to even ask for her name?” teased Carter

Jordan let out an awkward cough before saying, “It’s not like that. That woman only glanced at me once the whole time I was there, so I didn’t have the chance to ask her. Besides, my fiancée was there too, so it would be inappropriate.”

Images of Arielle instantly invaded Vinsons mind.

it seems likshe‘s not only indifferent to me but to Jordaas well

For some reason, Vinson’s mood had improved. Instead of hurrying to leave, he was now taking sips of wine.

“Oh?” Carter’s eyes lit up. “It’s rare that a woman would not be interested in you. Now |

really want to meet her.”

Hearing that, the corners of Vinson’s mouth curled up a bit.

While they doneven know henameI‘ve already gotten intimate with her.

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